Friday, November 8, 2013

Flood E-B Emulsa Bond

E-B Emulsa Bond is a stir-in latex/acrylic paint additive for exterior wood, masonry or aluminum siding that helps alleviate peeling problems when painting over a sound but chalky or dusty surface. E-B Emulsa Bond provides a bonding oil, stirs in easily, and does not alter the original finish coat color. It offers a time-saving benefit by eliminating the need to prime.

• For exterior use only
• Apply EB Emulsa Bond modified paint over sound but chalky paint (latex or oil); sandblasted masonry or weathered, but sound asbestos siding
• Ideal for repainting chalky aluminum siding, T1-11 exterior plywood or hardboard siding and cementitious siding

1. Follow directions on latex paint label.
2. Wash protected areas (overhangs, porch ceilings, etc.) with Flood Wood Cleaner or detergent and water.
3. Rinse thoroughly before painting.
4. If mildew exists remove with a solution of 4 ounces of non-ammoniated detergent (TSP) 1 quart of outdoor bleach and 3 quarts of fresh water. Allow this solution to remain on the surface for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
5. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, and provide adequate ventilation.
6. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow washed areas to dry before painting.

NOTE: Use only in the first coat of paint
1. Shake container well.
2. Always mix a small amount of E-B Emulsa Bond with paint to test compatibility.
3. For latex house paint, add 32 oz. (1 qt.) E-B Emulsa Bond per gallon.
4. Stir paint and E-B Emulsa Bond mixture thoroughly. If thickening occurs, add enough tap water (up to 8 oz/gal) to return to the consistency of original paint.
5. Paint as usual.
6. Do not recoat with additional E-B Emulsa Bond / paint mixture. If painting additional coats or a finish coat, apply when the E-B Emulsa Bond / paint mixture feels dry. Do not apply more paint while the film feels soft or tacky.

While coverage will vary with the texture and porosity of the surface, you will generally use 20% less material than if the paint or stain had been applied without E-B Emulsa Bond.

Use only in the first coat. Do not add E-B Emulsa Bond to gloss latex paints for the first coat. E-B Emulsa Bond is not for interior use.
NOTE: Use of latex paint, with or without E-B Emulsa Bond, over heavy accumulations of old, brittle, checked or cracked paints is not recommended.

This system provides water protection and a color coat of latex in one application. It is designed for repainting previously painted or stained exterior T1-11 plywood and hardboard. The mixture consists of 50% exterior latex paint and 50% E-B Emulsa Bond.

NOTE: Custom tinted colors or paints of different manufacturing batch numbers must be blended or boxed together and thoroughly mixed to assure uniformity of color PRIOR to mixing with E-B Emulsa Bond.
• Fill 1/3 of a container with well mixed latex house paint and add an equal amount of E-B Emulsa Bond
• Stir or box this mixture until all of the E-B Emulsa Bond disappears into the paint
• If thickening occur, add tap water (no more than1/2 pint per gallon) to bring the mixture back to the consistency of the original paint

1. Apply one full hiding coat by brush, roller or sprayer.
2. If the desired appearance is not achieved in one coat, a second coat of paint WITHOUT E-B Emulsa Bond should be applied.

• Clean tools, equipment drips and splatters with a solution of household detergent and water
• If paint is dry, use paint remover or brush cleaner
• Keep brushes and rollers in water when not in use
• Air dry empty cans and saturated rag, then dispose of according to local regulations
• Store unused portion in tightly closed container

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flood TWF-SEMI Semi-Transparent Wood Finish

Flood TWF-SEMI Semi-Transparent Wood Finish is a premium-quality finish that provides long-lasting appearance and protection to natural wood. Its exclusive formula combines the rich penetration of an oil with the durability of an acrylic resin. It enhances the natural character of the wood, allowing the grain and texture to show through. TWF-SEMI provides a mildew-resistant finish and delivers unsurpassed peel and fade resistance for three years on decks and five years on siding.

Exterior wood surfaces, including:
• Siding
• Decks & Docks
• Fences
• Shingles & Siding
• Pressure Treated Lumber
• Plywood (including T1-11)
• Barns
• Rafters & Beams
• Trim Boards
• Outdoor Wood Furniture

• Proper surface preparation is essential for warranty application, optimum penetration and overall product performance.
• Surfaces to be stained must be thoroughly clean, porous, dry and free of mildew and other contamination.
• Remove mildew with a solution of one part household bleach to four parts water.
• Completely remove any opaque stain, paint, varnish or sealer to expose bare wood.
NOTE: Test for penetration and absorbency by sprinkling water lightly on freshly prepared wood. If water is absorbed rapidly, surface is porous and free of contamination and ready for stain. If water is repelled, thorough preparation for new wood surfaces must be repeated.

The ideal time to stain new wood is one to three months after installation. Some new wood surfaces, like smooth cedar, can have a hard, shiny surface called mill glaze, that prevents maximum penetration of a stain. All new wood, especially decks, should be prepared with Flood Wood Stripper or FloodPro® Stripper/Cleaner (1 quart of Flood Wood Stripper per one gallon of water) to open wood so it can accept a new finish. These products reduce mill glaze and remove natural wood chemicals and other factory applied sealers to open wood to allow maximum penetration.

Uncoated wood surfaces that have weathered longer than six months require thorough cleaning before staining. Use Flood Wood Stripper, Wood Cleaner or Flood Dekswood® with a pressure washer or stiff bristle brush to remove loose wood fibers, dirt and other surface contaminants.
NOTE: Cedar and redwood may darken with Flood Wood Stripper or FloodPro Stripper/Cleaner. If this occurs, rebrighten with Flood Wood Cleaner or Flood Dekswood before proceeding.

For optimum results, apply to bare wood surfaces. Can also be applied over previous applications of Flood TWF-SEMI. Previous stain, varnish or sealer must be completely and thoroughly removed with Flood Wood Stripper or StainStrip per product label directions before proceeding.

• Before starting job, test your color choice on a small area
• Buy sufficient product for the whole job and box or intermix all product together before staining to avoid color variance
NOTE: Custom tint using colorants that are approved for exterior use only.

CAUTION: Surfaces are slippery when wet. Use caution when walking on wet surfaces during application.
1. Stir before and periodically during application.
2. Do not thin. Test color in small area.
3. Do not apply in hot sunlight or if cold, wet weather is expected within 48 hours.
4. Apply between 50° F – 80° F.
5. Apply with a synthetic brush, roller (synthetic woven 3/8”-3/4” nap depending on surface texture) or airless sprayer (.013-.017 fluid tip / 1300-1900 psi).
6. Apply an even coat, avoiding heavy application.
7. After sprayer or roller application, backbrush to improve penetration and uniformity of coverage.
8. If an additional coat is required, it may be applied after 3-4 hours.

• Smooth/moderately porous surfaces: 350 - 400 sq. ft/gal
• Rough/weathered/porous surfaces: 250 - 350 sq. ft/gal
NOTE: Actual coverage rates may vary depending upon substrate type and/or conditions as well as application method.

Surfaces with harsh exposure to sun, weather or foot traffic will show wear more quickly than other areas - if this happens, clean affected areas and recoat as necessary.

• Clean up with warm, soapy water.
• If Flood TWF-SEMI is allowed to dry on tools, remove with paint remover.
• Store unused portion in tightly closed container.
• Keep from freezing.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flood-Wood Cleaner

Flood Wood Cleaner is a powerful cleaner and brightener which restores gray, weather-beaten exterior wood that is unfinished to its natural color. A strong, economical cleaner, Flood Wood Cleaner gets under and removes surfaces and ground in dirt while restoring a bright, vibrant look to your exterior wood.

• For exterior use only
• Exterior wood or composite material (decks, furniture, fences and siding, etc.)
• Unfinished exterior wood surfaces that have become gray or dirty (including Cedar, Redwood or Pressure-Treated Wood)
• Previously coated exterior wood surfaces that need to be cleaned

NOTE: Wear chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing.
• Shake container thoroughly before mixing
• Cover areas you want to protect
• Thoroughly wet plants and shrubs

NOTE: Do not mix with chlorine bleach or other household cleaning products. To do so can result in release of highly toxic gases. Mix using only plastic containers in a well ventilated area.

For most jobs:
• Mix one part Flood Wood Cleaner to four parts water

For tough stains:
• Mix equal amounts of Flood Wood Cleaner and water

CAUTION: Surfaces are slippery when wet. Use caution when walking on wet surfaces during application.
General directions:
1. May damage metal components of spray equipment.
2. Do not apply on a hot surface; product will dry too rapidly.
3. If cleaning vertical wood, work from bottom to top to avoid streaking.
4. Sweep surface clean; wet the surface with fresh water.
5. Apply Flood Wood Cleaner with a garden sprayer, brush, or roller.
6. Work Flood Wood Cleaner into the wood with a stiff nylon or natural bristle brush using a scrubbing action.
7. Allow the solution to stand on wood for 20-30 minutes.
8. Do not allow Flood Wood Cleaner to dry. Keep surface wet with the mixture of cleaner while working.
9. Rinse surface and adjacent areas thoroughly using the highest pressure from a hose or pressure wash between 500-1000 psi.
10.Allow wood to dry 48 hours or ensure moisture content meets finish label instructions.
For nail stains:
1. Clean and wet the surface.
2. Apply Flood Wood Cleaner to the entire surface over and around the nail stain.
3. Do not rinse until the stain has disappeared.

• When mixed with 4 gallons of water, 1 gallon Flood Wood Cleaner will clean up to 1,000 sq. ft/gal (92.9 sq. m/gal)
• When mixed with 1 gallon of water, one gallon Flood Wood Cleaner will clean up to 400 sq. ft/gal (37.2 sq. m/gal)
• Coverage will vary depending on type, age and texture of wood

• Cleanup with soap and water
• Store unused portion in tightly closed plastic container

• Protect and enhance the natural beauty of exterior wood with any Flood Brand Finish

Monday, November 4, 2013

Your Mood and Colors

Your home will reflect calmness and comfort when using cool colors in your home.  This article will help you decide which colors are best for you home and color scheme.

Concord Grape- When most people think of Concord grape, they think of wine.  I know I do but I love wine.  Anyways, Concord grapes are darker grapes that have a smoky, sweet snap to them.  This color works well when used with a pale yellow, ivory or creamy white.  To use Concord grapes themselves as a decorating piece, place a bunch of grapes in a silver bowl on your dinner table.  You have to be cautious when using Concord grape as it is recommended that you don’t use the color or anything that is large such as walls or couch.  Because this color is such a dark color, painting it on the walls will make your room look too dark.  In your bathroom, try hanging Concord grape towels or in your living room add Concord grape throw pillows to your pale yellow couch.  

Mint Green- Mint green is cool and refreshing.  Mint green is the color of the month of April because it signifies the beginning of spring.  Mint green is a bright, light green.  In the decorating world, mint green is used to make a room brighter.  Mint green is light enough so that you can use it to paint your entire walls in a room.  Mint green inspires mental activity so some people will use this color in the study or dining area where homework and office work is done.  

Turquoise- According to some interior designers, turquoise is a color that is often overlooked in decorating because many people think that turquoise is only used in jewelry and won’t look good on their walls or upholstery.  But this color can brighten up a corner of a dark room.  Turquoise is used a lot in Southwestern design so using turquoise in your own home will bring a Southwestern feel to your home.  If you want to add more of a Southwestern feel to your home, try adding other Southwestern colors such as pale peach, salmon and deep green.  

Sea foam Green- This is color that will remind you of the sea.  Picture the perfect living room:  dark wood paneling, sea foam green couch, chairs with deep floral prints and a vase filled with fresh flowers.  Sea foam green is not a bright green but it is a paler green that will not completely take over a room but instead adds a subtle note.  Sea foam is a color you could paint your walls with since it is such a pale color.  This color works best when paired with deeper shades.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Your Living Room in Color

Besides your kitchen, your living room is the most used room in your room when it comes to entertaining guests.  You want your guests to be amazed at your home décor.  The living room is the hardest room in your home to decorate because it needs to be not only versatile but entertaining and comfortable as well.  You want your living room to be the center of your castle for your friends, family and neighbors to see.  So the colors and designs that you choose for your living room will set the mood of your entire home.  It is important to take note that there are some colors that have a positive effect on people whereas other colors will make people feel gloomy.  Yellow is a color that brightens peoples day where gray is a dreary color.  

Before you begin your living room decorating, you need to decide what kind of mood you are looking for.  Do you want your living room to be a peaceful area or do you want a party atmosphere?  The answer will greatly determine what look you need to go with.  

The most popular color in home decorating is blue.  Blue shows off a sense of calm as it is associated with the ocean.  The color blue can make a small room look larger and it stimulates elated emotional responses.  The blue gray tone is a popular shade to use in the living room.  Green is also a popular color because it represents nature and is associated with trees and plants.  Using green is a more exciting color than blue but it still produces a sense of mental calm.  The color green is easy on the eye and a great idea if you want to create a calming room.  If you aren’t much of an ocean or nature person, try using earth tones.  These earth tones are in the brown family such as brown or tan and are more of a rustic nature.  Earth colors give off a feeling of closeness and warmth.  For an added touch, add the color green to really bring you to the outdoors.  Reds and yellows are two colors you may want to avoid in the living room.  Red is an aggressive color and yellow can cause eye irritation and uncomfortable.  If you really have your heart set on yellow or red, try a soft muted yellow or a maroon color.  Pink is not the greatest color for a living room because it is more of a feminine color that should be used in a little girls’ room.  

Using any of these tips listed above will make your living room the best room in your home.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Warm Colors for Your Home

Warm colors are warm and vibrant.  In this article we will look at some of the more popular warm colors and how you can incorporate them into your color scheme.

Apricot- Apricot is a color that is somewhere in between orange and pink.  It has a touch of tawny-gold.  Apricot is a funny color to work with.  If you are using the color to paint your walls, you have two choices really.  You can ask the paint store where you buy your paint to mix in cream or off-white paint to the apricot so it is not so strong.  Or you can paint your walls in full blown apricot and then offset the color by adding neutral colors such as cream colored throw pillows to your couch or off-white sheets on your bed.  Apricot is best used on the side of your home where it gets the least sun because the color will add warmth.  You can also use little touches of apricot throughout the room by adding an apricot slipcover on a chair, some apricot throw pillows on a cream colored couch or a rug with apricot tones.

Pale Pink- This is one of my favorite colors and the color I chose when decorating my bathroom.  Of course I live with my husband and teenage son who don’t really like the pink bathroom.  Every woman can remember back to her childhood and wearing pretty pink dresses and dressing her Barbie in pale pink.  Pale pink works very well in a room that is mainly decorated in deeper colors such as dark green or deep blue.  You can also use pale pink to warm up an off-white or cream color.  

Salmon- Many people think of a fish and not a color when they hear the word salmon.  Well yes, salmon is a fish but it is also silky pink color that is used in decorating.  Many people don’t think of the color salmon as pink but it is part of the pink family.  Salmon works well in any room of your home and can be used to paint entire walls with.  If you are looking for an old-fashioned look, try painting the walls of a study, living room or bedroom in salmon then painting all the trimming in cream colored.  Add dark salmon curtains for a complete look.  

Lemon Yellow- There is nothing better on a hot summer day that an iced cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade.  Lemon yellow can be used to brighten up any room in your home.  If you have a room in your home that has the sun shining in it most of the day, then lemon yellow can enhance the natural sunlight.  If you have a room in your home that has less sun, then lemon yellow can bring brightness to that room.  A perfect combination would be lemon yellow walls and deep green trim.  This is the ideal nature combination.  

Any room in your home can be refreshed with these colors.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Using Psychology to Decorate Your Bedroom

When sitting in a room that you want to decorate, thinking of which colors you want, close your eyes and feel the emotions that are going on in your head.  The colors that you choose in that room and throughout you home can have a lasting impression on your psyche.  Understanding how color work on your emotions will help you have a greater understanding of what colors you want in your home.  While psychology studies have shown that there is no universal feeling evoked from any color in all people across the world but they have found that within certain societies there are general trends in different people.  It seems that the same color can have a different effect on people from one country to another.  For example, the color red in the United States means aggression where in China is represents calmness.  

So you may think that you are not sure which colors to choose since each color affects every person different.  But have no fear since there are general trends in psychological studies within the United States that affect all persons.  So in order to choose the colors that are right for your mood, you also have to take into consideration the emotions and feelings of everyone else who lives in the home.  Except for your bedroom, which is where YOU get to choose the colors because that is where you spend your time more than anyone else in the house, the other rooms in the home are used and occupied by everyone in the household.  

The two colors that are the most extreme are black and white.  These two colors are total opposites.  Black is an attention grabber.  It creates a dark, sultry ambience.  It is important to note that if you use too much black in any room in your home it will make that room look smaller than it actually is.  The color black has also been known to cause more nightmares in people.  But the color white has its problems too.  Many people use the color white for the walls in their home.  The color can have a soothing effect on people.  But white can also lead to a lack of stimulation.  So because of this white is not a good color for a bedroom.  

Earth tones are another popular color for many people.  These colors are gentle and bring a cozy feeling to any room.  Earth tone colors include brown, orange, greens and yellows.  Brown brings families closer together, orange is a happy color and yellow has a positive effect on people.  

Blues and greens bring peace and serenity to most people.  It reminds many people of nature, the sky and crystal clear water.  Using blues and greens in your bedroom can bring calmness among its occupants and that makes for better sleep.  The color bleu also reduces nighttime cravings.  

Red is a color that dispenses excitement.  If you are a person that suffers from insomnia then red is not a color that you want to use in the bedroom.  Red also makes people more aggressive.  It speeds up people metabolism and gives them more energy.

Tones and shades are important to take note of as they will alter these effects somewhat.  It is the effects on your own mind that are most important, and only you can truly understand your own impressions. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Teen Themed Bedrooms

Teens have some wild tastes and personalities.  They like everything from retro to video games to martial arts to the beach.  So why not create a themed bedroom your teen will love.

Video Game Theme- This is more of a theme for guys rather than girls although there are some teen girls into video games.   A state of the art video game bedroom would include a flat screen TV on the wall with an entertainment system that of course features a game console.  

Retro Theme- Retro is a theme that is popular among teens these days.  Retro goes back to the culture, music, clothes and hair style of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  When designing a room in this theme, use bright colors such as red, orange and yellow.  Also tie dye and shag carpets were popular in the retro era.  

Family and Friends Theme- This is more of a popular room for girls.  Add photos of friends and family to one wall in the room.  You can add vacation photos, prom pics, graduation, homecoming and wedding that you attended.  

Mixed Martial Arts- This is the perfect theme for a boy’s room.  Pin up posters of your favorite martial artist.  For an added touch, you can add sparring gloves or hang a punching bag in the room so you can work out in your own bedroom.

Outdoors Theme- For the teen who just can’t get enough of the outside, an outdoors theme is the perfect color scheme.  Use wallpaper and/or borders to reflect your favorite outdoor scenes.  You can choose themes from mountain climbing, underwater exploration, wooded scenes and seashore scenes.  Using earth colors such as brown and green will help make the theme more complete.  

Beach/Surfer Theme- Teens who love the beach in the summer or who can’t stay off the surf board need to have a beach theme.  But you don’t just want to hang posters of your favorite surfer or pictures of the beach.  You want a tropical theme going on such as palm trees and bamboo mats or hang a couple of surfboards as wall decorations.  

City Theme- If you are into big cities such as New York Coty, Paris, London or France, then you need to have a big city theme bedroom.  Decorate the room with souvenirs from the big cities or paint a mural of your favorite city skyline.  If you want a more of a city feel, try a loft bed.

Travel Theme- If you dream of traveling or living in another country, then a travel theme is the perfect bedroom theme.  Fill your room with globes, maps, travel posters, photos and souvenirs.  

So if you are feeling adventurous, then try one or more of these themes.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Teen Bedroom Themes

Every teen that I know loves to decorate their bedroom.  I have 3 teenage boys in my home and they each have their own room and their own taste.  Teens loves themes from retro to modern, black walls to pink walls and punk rock to hip hop.  Many parents don’t like the idea of their teen having black walls but you can also repaint after you teen moves out and heads off to college.  Here are some cool teen bedroom themes.

Black and White Theme- Many teens hate the drab white walls in their room so they opt to paint one wall black and there others remain white.  The great thing about a black wall is that it will bring attention to posters as well as other artwork.  Where the other walls are white, it does not make the room look totally pitch black.  

Girly Pink Theme- Girls love pink.  When painting a girls room, try using pale pink with white for a softer look instead of a bright pink.  If you want more color, try adding green or blue for more contrast.  

Boys Navy and Khaki Theme- These are two popular colors with teen boys.  

Girls Patterned Theme- Patterns that work well in a girl’s room are polka dots, bubble dots, flowers, hearts and diamonds.  These can be worked into the room nicely through artwork, bedding or wallpaper.

Boys Patterned Theme- Patterns that work well in a boy’s room are stripes, camouflage, sports logo, plaid or checkered patterns.  You can use bedding and area rugs to complete the look.  

Glam Girls Theme- Teen girls love the glitz and glamour of Hollywood so why not create a bedroom theme that fits their personality.  Use one wall in the room and cut of photos of favorite musicians and actors.  Add a fancy chandelier, gold framed mirror and hang silk from the ceilings.

Favorite Artist Theme- This is a suitable room for tween girls.  The most popular artists are Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers.  Hang pictures of the favorite artist along with wall decorations.  Just make sure that nothing is permanent since taste in artist will change down the road.

Sporty Guys Theme- With teen guys, they are more likely to follow the NBA or NFL than the Jonas Brothers.  Decorate with team colors and add special touches such as bedding and curtains in either the team logo or team colors.  You can also add posters, banners and other sports memorabilia.  

Extreme Sports Theme- Extreme sports are things like motocross, surfing and skateboarding.  A great color scheme for extreme sports is green and black.  Add a skateboard or surf board to the wall to complete the look.  

These are some fun ways to decorate a teen bedroom.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Designing with Color

The color wheel is the easiest way to determine which colors go well together.  Red, yellow and blue are the three primary colors from which all other colors on the wheel can be mixed.  For decorating purposes, the color purple relates to both red and blue and green derives yellow and blue.  Many people have troubles reading the color wheel.  In general, you are most likely to use tints which are lighter and tones which are also known as shades that are darker.  So basically that means you cannot use an intense green and instead you should opt for a sage green or a dark green.  Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel make each other more vivid when paired together.  Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel match perfectly together because they share the same hue.  

The color wheel will also help you determine which colors are warm colors and which colors are cool colors.  The half of the color wheel that goes from red to yellow-green are warm colors.  The sun is warm and is yellow and fire is warm and is red.  The other half of the color wheel is cool colors.  Cool colors are used in a small room to make it look larger.  Cool colors are colors such as blue, green or purple.  Cool colors are often associated with the sky and ocean.  

A warm color scheme needs a small touch of cool colors to complete the look such as a green plant in a yellow room.  A cool color scheme needs a hint of warm colors to make things brighter such as a red end table in a green room.  

In decorating terms, the value of a color is known as how light or dark a color is.  A colors value becomes lighter if you add the color white and darker if you add the color black.  Colors that are light are pale pink and sky blue.  Colors that are considered dark are maroon and sage green.  Light and medium colors pair very well together but to keep a light colored room from looking too boring, you may want to add a darker color as well.  So if you have a room that is painted light yellow, adding a dark blue vase will freshen up the room.  

Colors also have intensity to them.  This means that a certain color will be more saturated.  Adding a softer color will result in a less intense color scheme.  Colors that are low in intensity create a calm atmosphere whereas a color that is more intense will give you more energy.  

Knowing just how the color wheel works can help you choose a color scheme.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Decorating Your Teenage Girls Bedroom

A teenage girl’s bedroom is her castle.  So taking the time to sit with her and discuss a plan to come up with the perfect bedroom theme.  The first thing you need to do is to measure the width, length and height of the room.  Then decide which furniture you want to keep and which you want to replace.  Then next thing you want to do is to spend a Saturday afternoon cleaning out the entire bedroom.  Donate stuff she no longer wants and throw away stuff that isn’t any good.  Or you can have a garage sale.  

Now it’s time to go shopping for furniture.  The first piece of furniture you want to pick out is the bed.  If you cannot afford to purchase a new bed, try repainting the old bed and add stenciling to the headboard.  You can add a white or pink canopy if you want.  Next you want to add a chair in the bedroom for her friends to sit.  A small loveseat or some bean bag chairs will suffice.  

Deciding on a theme is an important part in decorating your teen girl’s bedroom.  A theme could be based on several things such as her favorite hobby, musical artist, sports or animals.  Or she could go for a more basic look like retro or Victorian.  

When deciding on where the furniture will be placed in the room, make sure that the room size fits the furniture.  For example, you don’t want a king size bed in a small room.  Your daughter will also need space for homework and putting on her makeup.  Another thing that will save space is using organizers.  Closet organizers, under the bed organizers and 5-drawer organizers will all save space and keep things organized.

Painting walls is a big project.  You need to make sure that you cover the flooring and furniture before starting the painting.  You want to choose colors that match the theme you have going on, if any.  

Accessories are also important in decorating the bedroom.  A wall shelf makes a great place she can display photos of her friends and family.  Also a book shelf works great for all her romance books.  Adding a lamp to a nightstand is a special touch.  You may also want to add a lamp to her desk so she has proper lighting to do her homework.  Other nice accessories include a vase filled with fresh flowers, a large bulletin board attached to the wall to attach notes or a calendar, a stand up mirror and some special touches such as fancy light switches or funky drawer pulls.  

Using any or all of these special touches will make any teenage girl’s room special.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Decorating with Warm Colors

Warm colors will add warmth to any home.  Warm colors are colors like dark red, dark yellow and dark orange.  They add vibrancy and are very eye catching.  In this article, we will take a look at some of these colors and how to decorate your home with them.

Brick Red- Brick red is one of the warmest colors because it mixes red with brown which are both warm colors.  If there is a room in your house that you feel needs warmth, then brick red is the perfect color choice.  Brick red is also a great color for any room in your home that faces north.  Why?  Because rooms that face north get the least amount of sunlight.  So to brighten up that room, you need to add warm colors.  If you are thinking of decorating a living room, a nice Oriental rug will bring warmth to the room.  Most Oriental rugs have brick red coloring in them.  Some rugs have just a hint of brick red while others have brick red colors that totally stand out.  If you like the color red, you can also incorporate brick red with other reds such as maroon or cherry red.  These two colors have more of a blue tint to them than a red tint so the colors look stunning together.  Again, still in the living room, you can add gold upholstery to your couch for the perfect warming touch.  

Daffodil Yellow- If you are a gardener and have a garden full of daffodils then you know how beautiful the rich, warm color is.  Daffodil yellow is the perfect way to bring warmth to any kitchen.  Of course the best way to use daffodil yellow is to use actual daffodil flowers.  A nice bunch in a vase will bring warmth to any kitchen counter or table.  When purchasing dinnerware for your new decorating look, try some white plate sets with daffodils on them or daffodil yellow plate sets.  And don’t forget the matching daffodil yellow linen napkins.  

Tangerine- Tangerine is my favorite color as well as my favorite fruit.  Tangerine is the perfect color in the fall and winter to warm any room in your home.  Tangerine is the perfect color for any room in your home from the bedroom to the living room to the patio.  Even little touches like tangerine colored frames in your bedroom will brighten up your room in an instant.  A tangerine upholstered couch or painting your walls tangerine may be a bit too much so try adding a tangerine upholstered chair in your living room to add color.  

With any of these colors, you can bring warmth and closeness to any room in your home.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Decorating with Metallic Colors

Many people believe that metallic colors are cold colors that will not bring life to their home.  But there are several ways in which you can use gold, silver, bronze or nickel to make your home look beautiful.  Let us first take a look at the three most popular metallic colors:  nickel ,chrome and silver.  

As most people know, chrome is most seen in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  You will more than likely see chrome in the fixtures in the bathroom or the sink itself will be chrome.  If you don’t like the dull look of chrome in your bathroom, try adding a black wooden mirror frame that will compliment the chrome.  

If the kitchen is more your favorite place for chrome, then a nice chrome stove will give your kitchen a whole new look.  Many people are afraid to put a nice chrome stove in their kitchen thinking that their kitchen will look too industrial.  But you can add special touches like a wooden shelf above the stove and hang some copper pots from the ceiling.  Another great idea to offset the chrome is to use fabrics such as curtains in the window and tablecloths on the kitchen table.  If you are one of the ones who believe that chrome is harsh, then offset it by using materials that are soft such as sheepskin on your chairs.  Now to add color to the kitchen, a blue table cloth or blue curtains would be the perfect choice.  Chrome looks best when paired with deep colors such as maroon, dark blue or forest green.  

The metallic color of silver can spruce up any home.  Now you may be thinking that you can’t match silver with anything and your home with look like a decorated Christmas tree.  Or you may think that silver will make your home look like a hospital.  But this simply isn’t the case.  For a spectacular looking dining room, a black iron dining table with black iron chairs and a glass tabletop pair well with silver upholstered chairs.  

Let’s take a look now at some specific decorating tips for you to use if you are interested in using metallic color accents in your color design.  

Candle holders- Imagine the beautiful glow of a candle held in a metallic colored candle holder.  For colors such as blue or green, choose a holder that is silver or chrome.  On the other hand, you will want to use gold or bronze holders for colors such as orange or red.  

Appliances- For a great look in your kitchen, try using all steel appliances such as stove, refrigerator and toaster.  

Furniture- There is nothing that makes you living room or front porch look more stunning than wrought black iron coffee table or sliver side tables with glass tops.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Decorating with Colors

What are cool colors?  Blues, greens and violet are known as cool colors.  Cool colors remind you of a cool lake or ice covered pond.  Cool colors are mostly used when you want to make a small room appear larger.  Let’s take a look at some cool colors and how to decorate with them.

Celery Green- Celery green is a color that reminds you of the spring season.  It represents religion, renewal and rebirth.  Many people tend to shy away from celery green because they view they see the color as boring.  It also reminds them of the celery that they chop in a salad or eat with peanut butter.  As you may already know, celery green is an icy pale green and adds a soothing touch to any room.  If you don’t like the color by itself, then try matching it with a darker color such as a dark red or a royal blue.  If you want to brighten your room, then painting your walls in celery green is the perfect choice.  

Colonial Blue- Colonial blue is softer than steel blue and lighter than sky blue.  Colonial blue is the perfect color choice for indoor wall as well as exterior paint.  The color compliments front porch columns, crown molding and 12 foot high ceilings.  If you have an apartment that has lots of space and great width, then colonial blue is the perfect choice for you.  It is not meant for painting walls of small rooms because it will make the room look smaller.  Since this color is a cool color, and you want your room to have a warm feel then you will need to add other colors to balance the colonial blue.  

Key Lime Pie Green- Now you may be thinking that key lime pie green is the color of a lime.  Well this is a great misunderstanding.  Normal limes are called Persian limes and are a dark green in color.  Key limes are smaller than actual limes and are much paler in color.  Key limes have more of a yellowish-green color whereas regular limes are a deeper green.  Key lime pie green will brighten up any room when painted on the walls.  If you are using the color in your living room or patio/porch, use darker fabrics on your couch and get some key lime pie throw pillows or a lampshade in the same color.  

Lilac- Lilac is a tough color to decorate with.  It is in between blue and red on the color wheel.  But the problem is that lilac doesn’t compliment a lot of colors.  So what do you do with lilac?  Black goes with anything so for a dramatic effect, try lilac and black patterned fabric for your sofa and lilac drapes with black throw pillows.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Decorating with Color

What is color?  Color has a different meaning to different people.  Business people use colors a lot in their public ads to draw attention to new customers.  For example, the color red is used in many restaurants because research has shown that it tempts the palate and increases the customers’ appetite.  The color red also means passion and having a love for life.  If you like wearing the color yellow, it states that you are very optimistic, fresh, creative, spiritual and idealistic.  If dark green is your color, then you more than likely enjoy the richness and luxury.  

Growing up, we have learned that different colors have different meaning and this is because of our culture.  But color choice is also an individual choice.  For example, if you decide to paint your living room walls red, this will convey a message of vibrancy.  If you like pink pillows on your couch, it conveys a message of sweetness.  Blue has a calming effect, green represents nature, yellow means happiness and makes any room brighten up.  If browns are your choice for decorating then your guests will be welcome in contentment and comfort.  My favorite color that I used to decorate my bedroom is the color purple.  Purple represents nobility.  If you love the color orange, it means you are a hard worker as well as adventurous.  White stands for innocence while black represents dominance.  

When choosing a color scheme for your home, you may be a bit lost on where to start.  The easiest way to approach this is to decide what colors appeal to you.  Look for something in the room you are decorating that catches your eye as a starting point.  The item can be anything from a rug or wallpaper or fabrics in the room.  You don’t necessarily have to decorate around that particular item but you can use it as a focal point when decorating your home with color.  You may want to start with three different colors that you think work well together and center your decorating around those three colors.  For example, if you choose blues, greens and yellows, you could purchase a fabric for your couch that has all three colors in a print.  Then you could paint your wall blue.  Or if you are decorating your bedroom, you could get an afghan that has blues, greens and yellows.  Then paint the walls yellow.  A good rule of thumb when decorating is to use neutral colors on your carpet, tile and countertops.  Neutral colors will blend well with everything and you can match the rest of your home with the colors you enjoy.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Decorating in White

Decorating your home with white doesn’t mean you home will look dull.  White in essence has plenty of benefits and has a clean appearance for your home.  Many people, when thinking of decorating their home want colors that are either warm or cool.  But white is a favorite among many people when thinking of colors to decorate their homes with.  A lot of times, people will get so frustrated because they just can’t decide on which colors to use that they will just give up and stick with all white.  You can’t go wrong with white.  But there are shades other than just plain ole white such as off-white, eggshell, ice white, snow white and bright white.  Now if you are going to use different color whites in the same room you need to be careful because matching whites with whites can be just as challenging as matching mauve with yellow.  

Another consideration when decorating with white is that you need to understand that white will show dirt, dust and pet hair more than any other color.  So if you have kids or pets you may want to choose another color than white.  If you have no pets and your kids are off to college, then by all means, go wild with white.  

Whites can actually being other colors out.  The perfect scenario in this case would be your living room.  Picture this:  You go out and purchase a plush white couch.  Then paint the walls and ceilings white.  Hang some green plants and some spectacular artwork around the room and the white furniture and painting will actually bring out the green in the plants and the colors of the artwork.  So when guests visit, they will actually be drawn to the plants and the artwork before the white couch.  

If you don’t want the color white to take over the entire room, try just a few touches here and there of white such a white tulips in a vase on the windowsill in your bedroom or a white picture frame with a family picture in it in your dining room.  

When decorating white with white, the best and easiest thing to do is to head to your local paint or hardware store and get different swatches of white.  Take them home and try taping the swatches to your wall first to see what it will look like.  What works when pairing white with white is to use a variety of tones, shades and textures to make your room look beautiful.  For example, a home office with a white, woven shag rug with white ceramic lamps and a chair upholstered in eggshell with a cream throw pillow will make the room look radiant. 

If you are dead set on using white, then you want to make sure that you choose fabrics that are stain resistant.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Decorating a Room Online

If you are in the market to redecorate you home, then did you know that you can try it online first?  There are several online sites that give you the chance to check out interior paint colors, place furniture and add windows among several other features.  When you are able to try different color schemes online, you are able to see the finished product without having to actually paint the room first and then regret the color you choose later.  

One popular site is Pure Contemporary Room Planner.  I have been to this site numerous times when I need decorating ideas.  When you are at the site, click on My Home Design.  You do a short registration and voila you are taken to your decorating area.  It has living room, dining room, bedroom, family room and empty room.  So let’s say you want to redo your living room.  Click on living room.  You will click on the shape of your living room and then enter the dimensions of the room.  Then click Create Room.  Now you can take and place furniture such as sofas, loveseats, ottomans, chaises and chairs onto the interactive living room.  Once an item is placed in the living room, you can click on it to turn it whichever way you choose.  Then you can add structural things such as windows, doors, fireplaces and stairs.  You can also add accessories such as rugs and coffee tables.  

On ivillage there is an area called Design a Room which is a point and click area that allows you to choose your room such as a living room or bedroom.  From there you can change the floors ceilings, walls and cabinets.  You can save all your work and use it as a future reference or change it as you see fit.

The benefits of using these sites are numerous.  The best benefit is that you will see what your room will look like before you invest money in furniture, flooring, carpets, paint and cabinets.  

Another great tip for online decorating sites is that there is a website that young girls who love red orating and design can go to.  It is called 99 Online Games.  This is a site where kids can decorate everything from a Barbie house or turn their bedroom into a princess room.  This site will keep kids entertained for hours and will help kids with decorating ideas to decorate their room.  

These sites are so much fun and they can be addicting.  You will more than likely find yourself decorating your living room at least a dozen times.  Today you may choose a tropical theme and tomorrow you may go more modern.  Who knew decorating could be so much fun.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Colors and Mood

Did you know that the colors in your home can affect your mood?  Let’s take a look at some moods and colors and how they can affect you.

To increase your focus and concentration, choose a golden color to feel more energized and motivated.  If you are a writer, researcher or editor and want to seem more focused, you will want a color like eggplant purple.  A throw pillow on your home office loveseat or a picture frame in eggplant will work perfectly.  It is important to note that for better concentration that you use eggplant because not all colors in the purple family help with focus.  

Colors like a rusty red or pumpkin will help resolve conflict.  Why?  Because rusty red and pumpkin are soothing colors.  Add a touch of pink to soften the ambience.

Are you in the party mood?  If you aren’t in the party mood then try colors like lime, raspberry or plum.  These colors are a great for stimulating conversation.

To help your children get more in the studying mood, try the color steel grey.  Many people think that grey is a boring color and if you are one of those people then try adding a touch of coral to the mix.  These two colors are great homework helpers.  And you don’t have to change anything drastic.  If your children do their homework in their bedroom, add some throw pillows or desk accessories.  

When spending an intimate moment with you loved one, add a touch of periwinkle or toasted olive.  These two colors encourage frankness.  Or trying adding pecan brown which also boasts frankness.  Try a plant holder in pecan brown with a periwinkle vase on the coffee table.  

Are you or someone in your home a senior citizen?  Yes there are even colors that soothe the mood of senior citizens.  Studies have shown that as people get older, the lens of the eye undergoes a bit of an alteration.  As a result, cool colors such as blue, green and purple are viewed with a murky cast.  Therefore direct lighting should be used to help see more clearly.  But do not use a combination of blue, green and purple together.  These colors used in combination will worsen the vision problem.

Let’s go over some colors and what they mean.

Black- Black stands for authority and power.  Priests wear black because they have the power of god.  Vampires wear black because they have special powers.  

White- White stands for purity and innocence.  White is considered a summer color and is popular in decorating because it is light and neutral.  But white is not used by some people in decorating because it shows dirt, dust and pet hair more than any other color.  

Red is the color of love and romance.  In decorating, it attracts attention.

Blue is peaceful and tranquil.  In decorating, blue increases productivity.

Green is the most popular in decorating.  It is calm and refreshing and can even help improve vision.  

Yellow is cheerful and sunny.  Studies have shown that babies will cry more in a yellow room and people will lose their tempers more.  

Purple shows off luxury and sophistication.

Color Meanings- Part Two

People think a lot about the meanings of colors when they are decorating their home.  Here is the second part in the series of color meanings.  

Purple- It has been said that Cleopatra loved the color purple and that she had her servants soak 20,000 Purpura snails for 10 days.  In the city of Thailand, the color purple is worn by a widow while she is mourning her husband’s passing.  A purple heart is given to a soldier who was wounded in battle.  Purple is also the color of royalty.  Leonardo Da Vinci had believed that if you mediate in a purple light such as a purple light bulb, the power of meditation is increased 10 times.  In decorating, the color purple painted in a child’s room means the child will be imaginative.  Richard Wagner composed his operas in a purple room to help him with his inspirations.

Yellow- Yellow is the color of mourning in Egypt and Burma.  In the old days, the color yellow was worn by executioners in Spain.  In India, merchants and farmers are identified by the color yellow.  In France during the tenth century, the doors of traitors and criminals were identified by the color yellow.  In India, the color yellow is worn by Hindus to celebrate spring.  Yellow ribbons are displayed as a sign of support for soldiers.  Yellow is also a symbol of deceit.  During the Middle Ages, actors who played a dead person always wore the color yellow.  Those who are in the holistic filed believe the color yellow stands for peace.  Yellow is the color of warning and is also used to mark off a crime scene.  

White- A white flag is used in battle to symbolize a truce.  In China and Japan, the color white stands for mourning.  In movies, angels wear the color white.  The ancient Greeks wore white at bedtime so that they would have good dreams instead of bad ones.  In India, Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka, the people believe that a white elephant is sacred.  Most brides wear white to symbolize purity and innocence.  White heat is a state of intense enthusiasm, anger, devotion or passion.  A whiteout occurs in a snow storm when visibility is near zero.  White lightning stands for moonshine which is homemade alcohol.  

Black- The ancient Egyptians and Romans wore the color black to symbolize that they were in mourning as most Americans do today.  A “black hearted” person is an evil person.  In the business world, a business that is in the black is said to be making money.  A black belt in karate is the highest honor for a martial artist.  In racing, a black flag signals the driver to get off the track and head to pit road.  

And there you have it; two complete articles on the meanings of color.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Color Meanings- Part One

Many people, when decorating, like to know what the meanings of colors are before they decide which colors to use in their home.  This article will detail each color and their meanings behind them.

Red- In the times of the ancient Romans the color red was used to signal for battle.  In order for people to pay attention to signs such as stop signs, stop lights and fire equipment, they are also painted red.  The color red means beautiful in Russia and the Bolsheviks used a red flag when they won the battle against Tsar and the color red symbolizes communism.  In the country of India, the color red represents a soldier.  In South Africa, the color red is shown when someone dies as a symbol of mourning.  Some people say that tying a red bow on a car will bring you good luck.  In China, the color red stands for good luck and is used in holidays and for weddings.  People who are superstitious believe that the color red will scare the devil away.  Many people use the saying “Paint the town red” to mean to party.  

Green- There is only one national flag anywhere that has one solid color on it and that is the flag of Libya that is only green.  Ancient Egyptians used the color green for their flooring.  In Greece, the color green represents victory.  People use the saying “Green-eyed monster” which means jealousy.  In decorating, the color green means youthful.  A person who is said to have a “green thumb” is a great gardener.  Green is also the color of nature.

Blue- In the country of Iran, the color blue is used is mourning.  The color blue is also used to ward off witches who apparently don’t like the color blue.  If someone tells you that you are “true blue” it means that you are loyal and faithful.  The color blue stands for love which is why on her wedding day a bride wears something blue.  In decorating terms, the color blue represents a relaxing room.  If you are felling blue it means that you are feeling sad or depressed.  In a competition, the first place winner always gets a blue ribbon.  Have you heard the saying “blue blood?”  A blue blood is someone of noble descent.  If someone is going “into the blue” it means they are going into an unknown area or place.  Ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore the color blue to protect them against evil forces.  A person who is said to be a “blue stoking” is someone who is smart and very knowledgeable.  “Blue laws” are used to enforce moral standards.  And the blues is a type of music that originated from southern African-American songs.

Part two of this series includes more color meanings.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Color and Design- Wall Art

Color and design is important when decorating your home with color.  

The first thing you need to be concerned about is the colors of your wall décor.  The first thing you need to look at is why you are adding wall décor.  Are you adding it to enhance your current color scheme or are you just adding paintings you are interested in to keep your walls from looking bare?  The latter part of that last question is what you want to avoid.  You not only want your house to look attractive to you but you also want to wow your visitors.  So the first thing you need to do is choose a color scheme.  How do you accomplish that?  It is recommended that you start with fine art that boosts colors.  Now wouldn’t a beautiful landscape painting look beautiful on your living room wall?  It is important to purchase beautiful wall art in the colors that you love the most.  

So exactly where do you purchase these love pieces of work?  The best place to start is online.  Do Google searches of the artist or painting you enjoy the most.  Or you can do a Google search for a particular type of piece.  Say you enjoy landscape pieces or still life pieces.  You can type in landscape or still life paintings and see what comes up.  If you don’t have internet access or you want to see what you are buying before you make a decision, then you have many offline choices such as starving artist shows which appear in many communities, art galleries and craft shops.  Roam around these places until you find a color or scene that catches your eye.  There are advantages to being able to view a piece in person.  It allows you to see and feel the texture of the piece as well as feeling the mood of the piece.  Which every venue you decide to choose, your art piece will be an investment for years to come.  Every single art piece goes up in value as the years go by.  Another great place to find artist paintings is a yard sale.  Sometimes at a yard or moving sale, the seller will sell a painting that is worth hundreds for $10.  Why?  Because they more than likely do not know the value of the painting.  

When choosing a painting for your home, there are a couple of things you can do to make things easier.  First, if you are interested in a certain work of art, imagine that painting on your wall at home.  Does it match your color scheme?  Will it stand out in your home?  If you still can’t decide, hire an interior decorator that can help you decide which paintings will match your décor.  Or if you don’t want to go that route, take a friend or family member along with you that has good taste and ask their opinion.  

Just remember, this house is your castle and you want that castle to stand out among the rest!