Monday, October 28, 2013

Your Living Room in Color

Besides your kitchen, your living room is the most used room in your room when it comes to entertaining guests.  You want your guests to be amazed at your home d├ęcor.  The living room is the hardest room in your home to decorate because it needs to be not only versatile but entertaining and comfortable as well.  You want your living room to be the center of your castle for your friends, family and neighbors to see.  So the colors and designs that you choose for your living room will set the mood of your entire home.  It is important to take note that there are some colors that have a positive effect on people whereas other colors will make people feel gloomy.  Yellow is a color that brightens peoples day where gray is a dreary color.  

Before you begin your living room decorating, you need to decide what kind of mood you are looking for.  Do you want your living room to be a peaceful area or do you want a party atmosphere?  The answer will greatly determine what look you need to go with.  

The most popular color in home decorating is blue.  Blue shows off a sense of calm as it is associated with the ocean.  The color blue can make a small room look larger and it stimulates elated emotional responses.  The blue gray tone is a popular shade to use in the living room.  Green is also a popular color because it represents nature and is associated with trees and plants.  Using green is a more exciting color than blue but it still produces a sense of mental calm.  The color green is easy on the eye and a great idea if you want to create a calming room.  If you aren’t much of an ocean or nature person, try using earth tones.  These earth tones are in the brown family such as brown or tan and are more of a rustic nature.  Earth colors give off a feeling of closeness and warmth.  For an added touch, add the color green to really bring you to the outdoors.  Reds and yellows are two colors you may want to avoid in the living room.  Red is an aggressive color and yellow can cause eye irritation and uncomfortable.  If you really have your heart set on yellow or red, try a soft muted yellow or a maroon color.  Pink is not the greatest color for a living room because it is more of a feminine color that should be used in a little girls’ room.  

Using any of these tips listed above will make your living room the best room in your home.

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