Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MODERN MASTERS-Company Snapshop 2010

Modern Masters Inc., an RPM company, is the leading high-end decorative paint manufacturer and supplier in the USA. Our products are sold across the globe for residential and commercial decorating and are also widely used in the Entertainment and "Theme" industry.

But who, really, is Modern Masters? This exceptional company is operate by husband and wife team Jim and Monique Rogers. A chance meeting between Jim and Monique at the PDRA show in Nashville on Feb 13, 1998, change many lives. During the past 10 years, this dynamic duo was married, sold the company to RPM,had a son, quadrupled sales, tripled the staff, added 75 outside salespeople and added domestic two step-distribution as well as a global distribution network. This was accomplished through state of the art, high-quality products and creative packaging. We are proud to say that the average lenght of service of our employees is 10 years, with several employees having tenure of more than 20 years. That alone speaks volumes about the integrity of this pair and the stability of this company.

Modern Masters has proven that they are the real deal and are here to stay!.

What will the next 10 year bring? Combining the creativity of the Modern Masters organization with the backing of a Fortune 500 company makes this a company to watch!

Modern Masters Inc., Sun Valley, CA .1-800-942-3166. http://www.modernmasters.com/

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