Monday, July 22, 2013

Color Meanings- Part One

Many people, when decorating, like to know what the meanings of colors are before they decide which colors to use in their home.  This article will detail each color and their meanings behind them.

Red- In the times of the ancient Romans the color red was used to signal for battle.  In order for people to pay attention to signs such as stop signs, stop lights and fire equipment, they are also painted red.  The color red means beautiful in Russia and the Bolsheviks used a red flag when they won the battle against Tsar and the color red symbolizes communism.  In the country of India, the color red represents a soldier.  In South Africa, the color red is shown when someone dies as a symbol of mourning.  Some people say that tying a red bow on a car will bring you good luck.  In China, the color red stands for good luck and is used in holidays and for weddings.  People who are superstitious believe that the color red will scare the devil away.  Many people use the saying “Paint the town red” to mean to party.  

Green- There is only one national flag anywhere that has one solid color on it and that is the flag of Libya that is only green.  Ancient Egyptians used the color green for their flooring.  In Greece, the color green represents victory.  People use the saying “Green-eyed monster” which means jealousy.  In decorating, the color green means youthful.  A person who is said to have a “green thumb” is a great gardener.  Green is also the color of nature.

Blue- In the country of Iran, the color blue is used is mourning.  The color blue is also used to ward off witches who apparently don’t like the color blue.  If someone tells you that you are “true blue” it means that you are loyal and faithful.  The color blue stands for love which is why on her wedding day a bride wears something blue.  In decorating terms, the color blue represents a relaxing room.  If you are felling blue it means that you are feeling sad or depressed.  In a competition, the first place winner always gets a blue ribbon.  Have you heard the saying “blue blood?”  A blue blood is someone of noble descent.  If someone is going “into the blue” it means they are going into an unknown area or place.  Ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore the color blue to protect them against evil forces.  A person who is said to be a “blue stoking” is someone who is smart and very knowledgeable.  “Blue laws” are used to enforce moral standards.  And the blues is a type of music that originated from southern African-American songs.

Part two of this series includes more color meanings.

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