Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zinsser Brands (Rust-Oleum Corporation)

   For nearly Rust-Oleum ( has been the leader in rust prevention. But stopping rust is just the start. Our premium Zinsser primer brands, Bull Eye 1-2-3, Cover Stain and B-I-N, have long been the professionals' choice for the residential, commercial and remediation projects. Innovation and formulation leadership also have led to the development of a long list of primers, cleaners, specialty coatings,, wallcovering sundries and wood care products that exceed customers expectations for quality and performance. Innovative "next-generation" primers like Zinsser Smart Prime are now part of a comprehensive line of ultimate, premium, workhorse, specialty and convenience primers, and Zinsser brands like DIF, Shieldz, JOMAX and Perma-White are recognized category leaders by both professionals and do-it-youselfers.
   Today, Zinsser is just one of more than 60 premium brands in the Rust-Oleum portfolio. These nationally recognized brands- Rust-Oleum, Stop Rust, Universal, EP OXYSHIELD, Rust-Oleum Transformations, Varathane, Wolman Care and more- have set industry standards for quality and are evidence of the company's ongoing commitment to innovation.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Corona Brushes Inc.

   Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011, Corona Brushes Inc. (, is a third-generation family company. Based in Tampa, Fla., the company manufactures a complete line of quality paint brushes, rollers and accessories. Corona focuses on products that are lightweight, provide the finest finish and the fastest coverage in the least time.
   Each Corona paint brush and roller is carefully formulated so that the materials mesh together well to provide the proper amount of paint pickup and the easiest release. Equally important is the processing of the brush bristle tips, natural and synthetic. The tips of the natural hair and pig bristles are carefully processed to ensure the smoothest possible finish.
   In the case of synthetics, Corona uses the finest DuPont solid, round, tapered filaments, which are finely ground and split at the tip to produce the fine spread of paint Corona is known for. Equally important is the the treatment of roller materials, both natural and wool and synthetics fabrics, to ensure no-streak, even application.
   Corona is proud to be long-standing member of PDRA and enjoys the support thousands of independent dealers in the United States, Canada and other countries.

Friday, February 3, 2012

FrogTape from Shurtect Brands,LLC

  ShurTech Brands, LLC (, market do-it-yourself tapes, office and housewares products under Duck, Painter's Mate Green, FrogTape (, Caremail, Easy Liner and Shurtape brands. The company is a subsidiary of Shurtape Technologies, LLC, Hickory, N.C., an industry-leading producer of pressure sensitive masking, duct, packaging and specialty tape products, with facilities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Peru, United Arab Emirates and China. Shurtape services numerous markets, including industrial, packaging, HVAC, professional paint, auto, marine, aerospace, arts and entertainment, and retail. Shurtape also manufactures and markets the Shurtape and Kip Brands.
  The FrogTape brand, marketed by ShurTech Brands, LLC, offers premium-quality, innovative painting tapes that feature PaintBlock Technology, a super absorbent polymer that seals the edges of the tape to keep paint out and lines sharp.

8 paint tips to get you started

Here's everything you need to know before you hit the paint aisle.
Latex:Water-based latex is DIY-friendly because it cleans up easily with soap and water. Most paint today is  vinyl-acrylic or 100-percent-acrylic latex. More and more it's the only option sold by the gallon. Latex paint dries quickly, usually in 2 hours, and "cures" in a matter of weeks. Oil:Also known as solvent-based or alkyd paint, it dries slowly and must be cleaned up with minerals spirits. But that slow drying time helps oil paint level out, reducing visible brush strokes and roller marks. Oil paint also hardens well to create a durable finish.

High-quality paints and primers don't sacrifice costlier resin for cheap pigment, so they won't shrink back to reveal bare spots as they dry. The most efficient option, however, is to use an all-in-one paint and primer, which seals your surface like a primer and provides a finish coat in one pass-making the job easier.

Match the fiber to the paint type: Get synthetic covers for latex paint, and natural-fiber ones made of mohair of lamb's wool for oil paint. Then match the nap to the surface texture. Smooth:1/8 to 1/4-inch nap cover for very smooth surfaces (plaster, laminate, metal). Semismooth:3/8 to 1/2-inch nap cover for lightly texture walls (drywall, wood). Rough: 3/4-inch nap cover for texture walls(stucco,brick).

Choose the right sheen for your surface. Flat, low-luster paints create an even coat that hides flaws. Glossier paints form a smoother, more wear-resistant finish-but they also highlight imperfections. Here's a guide to which sheen works best where:
Flat:Good for ceilings and high-traffic living areas.
Matte:Good for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms.
Satin/Eggshell:Good for foyers,high-traffic areas.
Semigloss:Good for baths, kitchens, trim.
Gloss:Good for trim, doors, cabinets.

An inexpensive plastic snap-on spout makes pouring paint into a roller pan or cut bucket much easier and keeps the lid rim from clogging with paint.

Divide the square footage of your wall surfaces by the coverage per gallon listed on the can.Example:A 20-by-23-foot room with a 8-foot ceiling is 688 square feet;688/350 square square feet of coverage per can=2 gallons(make it 4 gallons for two coats).

Paint ingredients contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that off gas, creating that familiar paint smell-and a potential hazard to your health. New formulations aim to reduce or remove these compounds without sacrificing good color and even coverage.

Look for brushes with bristles that are tapered,split, and set in multiple lengths to form a slim tip. A mix of nylon and polyester holds and releases latex paint well. For oil-based paints, use natural bristles.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Benjamin Moore

   Benjamin Moore & Co., a Berkshire Hathaway company, was founded in 1883, Its premium-quality residential, commercial and industrial maintenance coatings are sold through an extensive network of more than 4,000 retailers throughout North America, primarily comprised of paint and decorating stores, hardware stores and lumberyards. This independent selling channel is an industry exclusive that helps ensure the integrity of the brand's products and that they are being color-mixed and sold by trained professionals who are service-minded with expertise in the category.
   Benjamin Moore has been a longstanding steward of the environment with relentless  commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices plus the ongoing development of the most eco-responsible formulations possible.Its portfolio of Green Promise products continues to grow and includes Aura, uber performance low-VOC paint; Natura, the true zero-VOC interior paint, remaining zero in any color, any sheen; and EcoSpec zero-VOC paint for commercial interiors. It ranks as one of the top 35 GREEN Companies in the U.S., according to from and Eco-Insights survey conducted by Earthsense with more than 30,0000 respondents.