Monday, September 30, 2013

Teen Bedroom Themes

Every teen that I know loves to decorate their bedroom.  I have 3 teenage boys in my home and they each have their own room and their own taste.  Teens loves themes from retro to modern, black walls to pink walls and punk rock to hip hop.  Many parents don’t like the idea of their teen having black walls but you can also repaint after you teen moves out and heads off to college.  Here are some cool teen bedroom themes.

Black and White Theme- Many teens hate the drab white walls in their room so they opt to paint one wall black and there others remain white.  The great thing about a black wall is that it will bring attention to posters as well as other artwork.  Where the other walls are white, it does not make the room look totally pitch black.  

Girly Pink Theme- Girls love pink.  When painting a girls room, try using pale pink with white for a softer look instead of a bright pink.  If you want more color, try adding green or blue for more contrast.  

Boys Navy and Khaki Theme- These are two popular colors with teen boys.  

Girls Patterned Theme- Patterns that work well in a girl’s room are polka dots, bubble dots, flowers, hearts and diamonds.  These can be worked into the room nicely through artwork, bedding or wallpaper.

Boys Patterned Theme- Patterns that work well in a boy’s room are stripes, camouflage, sports logo, plaid or checkered patterns.  You can use bedding and area rugs to complete the look.  

Glam Girls Theme- Teen girls love the glitz and glamour of Hollywood so why not create a bedroom theme that fits their personality.  Use one wall in the room and cut of photos of favorite musicians and actors.  Add a fancy chandelier, gold framed mirror and hang silk from the ceilings.

Favorite Artist Theme- This is a suitable room for tween girls.  The most popular artists are Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers.  Hang pictures of the favorite artist along with wall decorations.  Just make sure that nothing is permanent since taste in artist will change down the road.

Sporty Guys Theme- With teen guys, they are more likely to follow the NBA or NFL than the Jonas Brothers.  Decorate with team colors and add special touches such as bedding and curtains in either the team logo or team colors.  You can also add posters, banners and other sports memorabilia.  

Extreme Sports Theme- Extreme sports are things like motocross, surfing and skateboarding.  A great color scheme for extreme sports is green and black.  Add a skateboard or surf board to the wall to complete the look.  

These are some fun ways to decorate a teen bedroom.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Designing with Color

The color wheel is the easiest way to determine which colors go well together.  Red, yellow and blue are the three primary colors from which all other colors on the wheel can be mixed.  For decorating purposes, the color purple relates to both red and blue and green derives yellow and blue.  Many people have troubles reading the color wheel.  In general, you are most likely to use tints which are lighter and tones which are also known as shades that are darker.  So basically that means you cannot use an intense green and instead you should opt for a sage green or a dark green.  Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel make each other more vivid when paired together.  Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel match perfectly together because they share the same hue.  

The color wheel will also help you determine which colors are warm colors and which colors are cool colors.  The half of the color wheel that goes from red to yellow-green are warm colors.  The sun is warm and is yellow and fire is warm and is red.  The other half of the color wheel is cool colors.  Cool colors are used in a small room to make it look larger.  Cool colors are colors such as blue, green or purple.  Cool colors are often associated with the sky and ocean.  

A warm color scheme needs a small touch of cool colors to complete the look such as a green plant in a yellow room.  A cool color scheme needs a hint of warm colors to make things brighter such as a red end table in a green room.  

In decorating terms, the value of a color is known as how light or dark a color is.  A colors value becomes lighter if you add the color white and darker if you add the color black.  Colors that are light are pale pink and sky blue.  Colors that are considered dark are maroon and sage green.  Light and medium colors pair very well together but to keep a light colored room from looking too boring, you may want to add a darker color as well.  So if you have a room that is painted light yellow, adding a dark blue vase will freshen up the room.  

Colors also have intensity to them.  This means that a certain color will be more saturated.  Adding a softer color will result in a less intense color scheme.  Colors that are low in intensity create a calm atmosphere whereas a color that is more intense will give you more energy.  

Knowing just how the color wheel works can help you choose a color scheme.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Decorating Your Teenage Girls Bedroom

A teenage girl’s bedroom is her castle.  So taking the time to sit with her and discuss a plan to come up with the perfect bedroom theme.  The first thing you need to do is to measure the width, length and height of the room.  Then decide which furniture you want to keep and which you want to replace.  Then next thing you want to do is to spend a Saturday afternoon cleaning out the entire bedroom.  Donate stuff she no longer wants and throw away stuff that isn’t any good.  Or you can have a garage sale.  

Now it’s time to go shopping for furniture.  The first piece of furniture you want to pick out is the bed.  If you cannot afford to purchase a new bed, try repainting the old bed and add stenciling to the headboard.  You can add a white or pink canopy if you want.  Next you want to add a chair in the bedroom for her friends to sit.  A small loveseat or some bean bag chairs will suffice.  

Deciding on a theme is an important part in decorating your teen girl’s bedroom.  A theme could be based on several things such as her favorite hobby, musical artist, sports or animals.  Or she could go for a more basic look like retro or Victorian.  

When deciding on where the furniture will be placed in the room, make sure that the room size fits the furniture.  For example, you don’t want a king size bed in a small room.  Your daughter will also need space for homework and putting on her makeup.  Another thing that will save space is using organizers.  Closet organizers, under the bed organizers and 5-drawer organizers will all save space and keep things organized.

Painting walls is a big project.  You need to make sure that you cover the flooring and furniture before starting the painting.  You want to choose colors that match the theme you have going on, if any.  

Accessories are also important in decorating the bedroom.  A wall shelf makes a great place she can display photos of her friends and family.  Also a book shelf works great for all her romance books.  Adding a lamp to a nightstand is a special touch.  You may also want to add a lamp to her desk so she has proper lighting to do her homework.  Other nice accessories include a vase filled with fresh flowers, a large bulletin board attached to the wall to attach notes or a calendar, a stand up mirror and some special touches such as fancy light switches or funky drawer pulls.  

Using any or all of these special touches will make any teenage girl’s room special.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Decorating with Warm Colors

Warm colors will add warmth to any home.  Warm colors are colors like dark red, dark yellow and dark orange.  They add vibrancy and are very eye catching.  In this article, we will take a look at some of these colors and how to decorate your home with them.

Brick Red- Brick red is one of the warmest colors because it mixes red with brown which are both warm colors.  If there is a room in your house that you feel needs warmth, then brick red is the perfect color choice.  Brick red is also a great color for any room in your home that faces north.  Why?  Because rooms that face north get the least amount of sunlight.  So to brighten up that room, you need to add warm colors.  If you are thinking of decorating a living room, a nice Oriental rug will bring warmth to the room.  Most Oriental rugs have brick red coloring in them.  Some rugs have just a hint of brick red while others have brick red colors that totally stand out.  If you like the color red, you can also incorporate brick red with other reds such as maroon or cherry red.  These two colors have more of a blue tint to them than a red tint so the colors look stunning together.  Again, still in the living room, you can add gold upholstery to your couch for the perfect warming touch.  

Daffodil Yellow- If you are a gardener and have a garden full of daffodils then you know how beautiful the rich, warm color is.  Daffodil yellow is the perfect way to bring warmth to any kitchen.  Of course the best way to use daffodil yellow is to use actual daffodil flowers.  A nice bunch in a vase will bring warmth to any kitchen counter or table.  When purchasing dinnerware for your new decorating look, try some white plate sets with daffodils on them or daffodil yellow plate sets.  And don’t forget the matching daffodil yellow linen napkins.  

Tangerine- Tangerine is my favorite color as well as my favorite fruit.  Tangerine is the perfect color in the fall and winter to warm any room in your home.  Tangerine is the perfect color for any room in your home from the bedroom to the living room to the patio.  Even little touches like tangerine colored frames in your bedroom will brighten up your room in an instant.  A tangerine upholstered couch or painting your walls tangerine may be a bit too much so try adding a tangerine upholstered chair in your living room to add color.  

With any of these colors, you can bring warmth and closeness to any room in your home.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Decorating with Metallic Colors

Many people believe that metallic colors are cold colors that will not bring life to their home.  But there are several ways in which you can use gold, silver, bronze or nickel to make your home look beautiful.  Let us first take a look at the three most popular metallic colors:  nickel ,chrome and silver.  

As most people know, chrome is most seen in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  You will more than likely see chrome in the fixtures in the bathroom or the sink itself will be chrome.  If you don’t like the dull look of chrome in your bathroom, try adding a black wooden mirror frame that will compliment the chrome.  

If the kitchen is more your favorite place for chrome, then a nice chrome stove will give your kitchen a whole new look.  Many people are afraid to put a nice chrome stove in their kitchen thinking that their kitchen will look too industrial.  But you can add special touches like a wooden shelf above the stove and hang some copper pots from the ceiling.  Another great idea to offset the chrome is to use fabrics such as curtains in the window and tablecloths on the kitchen table.  If you are one of the ones who believe that chrome is harsh, then offset it by using materials that are soft such as sheepskin on your chairs.  Now to add color to the kitchen, a blue table cloth or blue curtains would be the perfect choice.  Chrome looks best when paired with deep colors such as maroon, dark blue or forest green.  

The metallic color of silver can spruce up any home.  Now you may be thinking that you can’t match silver with anything and your home with look like a decorated Christmas tree.  Or you may think that silver will make your home look like a hospital.  But this simply isn’t the case.  For a spectacular looking dining room, a black iron dining table with black iron chairs and a glass tabletop pair well with silver upholstered chairs.  

Let’s take a look now at some specific decorating tips for you to use if you are interested in using metallic color accents in your color design.  

Candle holders- Imagine the beautiful glow of a candle held in a metallic colored candle holder.  For colors such as blue or green, choose a holder that is silver or chrome.  On the other hand, you will want to use gold or bronze holders for colors such as orange or red.  

Appliances- For a great look in your kitchen, try using all steel appliances such as stove, refrigerator and toaster.  

Furniture- There is nothing that makes you living room or front porch look more stunning than wrought black iron coffee table or sliver side tables with glass tops.