Monday, July 29, 2013

Colors and Mood

Did you know that the colors in your home can affect your mood?  Let’s take a look at some moods and colors and how they can affect you.

To increase your focus and concentration, choose a golden color to feel more energized and motivated.  If you are a writer, researcher or editor and want to seem more focused, you will want a color like eggplant purple.  A throw pillow on your home office loveseat or a picture frame in eggplant will work perfectly.  It is important to note that for better concentration that you use eggplant because not all colors in the purple family help with focus.  

Colors like a rusty red or pumpkin will help resolve conflict.  Why?  Because rusty red and pumpkin are soothing colors.  Add a touch of pink to soften the ambience.

Are you in the party mood?  If you aren’t in the party mood then try colors like lime, raspberry or plum.  These colors are a great for stimulating conversation.

To help your children get more in the studying mood, try the color steel grey.  Many people think that grey is a boring color and if you are one of those people then try adding a touch of coral to the mix.  These two colors are great homework helpers.  And you don’t have to change anything drastic.  If your children do their homework in their bedroom, add some throw pillows or desk accessories.  

When spending an intimate moment with you loved one, add a touch of periwinkle or toasted olive.  These two colors encourage frankness.  Or trying adding pecan brown which also boasts frankness.  Try a plant holder in pecan brown with a periwinkle vase on the coffee table.  

Are you or someone in your home a senior citizen?  Yes there are even colors that soothe the mood of senior citizens.  Studies have shown that as people get older, the lens of the eye undergoes a bit of an alteration.  As a result, cool colors such as blue, green and purple are viewed with a murky cast.  Therefore direct lighting should be used to help see more clearly.  But do not use a combination of blue, green and purple together.  These colors used in combination will worsen the vision problem.

Let’s go over some colors and what they mean.

Black- Black stands for authority and power.  Priests wear black because they have the power of god.  Vampires wear black because they have special powers.  

White- White stands for purity and innocence.  White is considered a summer color and is popular in decorating because it is light and neutral.  But white is not used by some people in decorating because it shows dirt, dust and pet hair more than any other color.  

Red is the color of love and romance.  In decorating, it attracts attention.

Blue is peaceful and tranquil.  In decorating, blue increases productivity.

Green is the most popular in decorating.  It is calm and refreshing and can even help improve vision.  

Yellow is cheerful and sunny.  Studies have shown that babies will cry more in a yellow room and people will lose their tempers more.  

Purple shows off luxury and sophistication.

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