Monday, October 21, 2013

Warm Colors for Your Home

Warm colors are warm and vibrant.  In this article we will look at some of the more popular warm colors and how you can incorporate them into your color scheme.

Apricot- Apricot is a color that is somewhere in between orange and pink.  It has a touch of tawny-gold.  Apricot is a funny color to work with.  If you are using the color to paint your walls, you have two choices really.  You can ask the paint store where you buy your paint to mix in cream or off-white paint to the apricot so it is not so strong.  Or you can paint your walls in full blown apricot and then offset the color by adding neutral colors such as cream colored throw pillows to your couch or off-white sheets on your bed.  Apricot is best used on the side of your home where it gets the least sun because the color will add warmth.  You can also use little touches of apricot throughout the room by adding an apricot slipcover on a chair, some apricot throw pillows on a cream colored couch or a rug with apricot tones.

Pale Pink- This is one of my favorite colors and the color I chose when decorating my bathroom.  Of course I live with my husband and teenage son who don’t really like the pink bathroom.  Every woman can remember back to her childhood and wearing pretty pink dresses and dressing her Barbie in pale pink.  Pale pink works very well in a room that is mainly decorated in deeper colors such as dark green or deep blue.  You can also use pale pink to warm up an off-white or cream color.  

Salmon- Many people think of a fish and not a color when they hear the word salmon.  Well yes, salmon is a fish but it is also silky pink color that is used in decorating.  Many people don’t think of the color salmon as pink but it is part of the pink family.  Salmon works well in any room of your home and can be used to paint entire walls with.  If you are looking for an old-fashioned look, try painting the walls of a study, living room or bedroom in salmon then painting all the trimming in cream colored.  Add dark salmon curtains for a complete look.  

Lemon Yellow- There is nothing better on a hot summer day that an iced cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade.  Lemon yellow can be used to brighten up any room in your home.  If you have a room in your home that has the sun shining in it most of the day, then lemon yellow can enhance the natural sunlight.  If you have a room in your home that has less sun, then lemon yellow can bring brightness to that room.  A perfect combination would be lemon yellow walls and deep green trim.  This is the ideal nature combination.  

Any room in your home can be refreshed with these colors.

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