Friday, November 8, 2013

Flood E-B Emulsa Bond

E-B Emulsa Bond is a stir-in latex/acrylic paint additive for exterior wood, masonry or aluminum siding that helps alleviate peeling problems when painting over a sound but chalky or dusty surface. E-B Emulsa Bond provides a bonding oil, stirs in easily, and does not alter the original finish coat color. It offers a time-saving benefit by eliminating the need to prime.

• For exterior use only
• Apply EB Emulsa Bond modified paint over sound but chalky paint (latex or oil); sandblasted masonry or weathered, but sound asbestos siding
• Ideal for repainting chalky aluminum siding, T1-11 exterior plywood or hardboard siding and cementitious siding

1. Follow directions on latex paint label.
2. Wash protected areas (overhangs, porch ceilings, etc.) with Flood Wood Cleaner or detergent and water.
3. Rinse thoroughly before painting.
4. If mildew exists remove with a solution of 4 ounces of non-ammoniated detergent (TSP) 1 quart of outdoor bleach and 3 quarts of fresh water. Allow this solution to remain on the surface for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
5. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, and provide adequate ventilation.
6. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow washed areas to dry before painting.

NOTE: Use only in the first coat of paint
1. Shake container well.
2. Always mix a small amount of E-B Emulsa Bond with paint to test compatibility.
3. For latex house paint, add 32 oz. (1 qt.) E-B Emulsa Bond per gallon.
4. Stir paint and E-B Emulsa Bond mixture thoroughly. If thickening occurs, add enough tap water (up to 8 oz/gal) to return to the consistency of original paint.
5. Paint as usual.
6. Do not recoat with additional E-B Emulsa Bond / paint mixture. If painting additional coats or a finish coat, apply when the E-B Emulsa Bond / paint mixture feels dry. Do not apply more paint while the film feels soft or tacky.

While coverage will vary with the texture and porosity of the surface, you will generally use 20% less material than if the paint or stain had been applied without E-B Emulsa Bond.

Use only in the first coat. Do not add E-B Emulsa Bond to gloss latex paints for the first coat. E-B Emulsa Bond is not for interior use.
NOTE: Use of latex paint, with or without E-B Emulsa Bond, over heavy accumulations of old, brittle, checked or cracked paints is not recommended.

This system provides water protection and a color coat of latex in one application. It is designed for repainting previously painted or stained exterior T1-11 plywood and hardboard. The mixture consists of 50% exterior latex paint and 50% E-B Emulsa Bond.

NOTE: Custom tinted colors or paints of different manufacturing batch numbers must be blended or boxed together and thoroughly mixed to assure uniformity of color PRIOR to mixing with E-B Emulsa Bond.
• Fill 1/3 of a container with well mixed latex house paint and add an equal amount of E-B Emulsa Bond
• Stir or box this mixture until all of the E-B Emulsa Bond disappears into the paint
• If thickening occur, add tap water (no more than1/2 pint per gallon) to bring the mixture back to the consistency of the original paint

1. Apply one full hiding coat by brush, roller or sprayer.
2. If the desired appearance is not achieved in one coat, a second coat of paint WITHOUT E-B Emulsa Bond should be applied.

• Clean tools, equipment drips and splatters with a solution of household detergent and water
• If paint is dry, use paint remover or brush cleaner
• Keep brushes and rollers in water when not in use
• Air dry empty cans and saturated rag, then dispose of according to local regulations
• Store unused portion in tightly closed container


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