Monday, August 26, 2013

Decorating with Colors

What are cool colors?  Blues, greens and violet are known as cool colors.  Cool colors remind you of a cool lake or ice covered pond.  Cool colors are mostly used when you want to make a small room appear larger.  Let’s take a look at some cool colors and how to decorate with them.

Celery Green- Celery green is a color that reminds you of the spring season.  It represents religion, renewal and rebirth.  Many people tend to shy away from celery green because they view they see the color as boring.  It also reminds them of the celery that they chop in a salad or eat with peanut butter.  As you may already know, celery green is an icy pale green and adds a soothing touch to any room.  If you don’t like the color by itself, then try matching it with a darker color such as a dark red or a royal blue.  If you want to brighten your room, then painting your walls in celery green is the perfect choice.  

Colonial Blue- Colonial blue is softer than steel blue and lighter than sky blue.  Colonial blue is the perfect color choice for indoor wall as well as exterior paint.  The color compliments front porch columns, crown molding and 12 foot high ceilings.  If you have an apartment that has lots of space and great width, then colonial blue is the perfect choice for you.  It is not meant for painting walls of small rooms because it will make the room look smaller.  Since this color is a cool color, and you want your room to have a warm feel then you will need to add other colors to balance the colonial blue.  

Key Lime Pie Green- Now you may be thinking that key lime pie green is the color of a lime.  Well this is a great misunderstanding.  Normal limes are called Persian limes and are a dark green in color.  Key limes are smaller than actual limes and are much paler in color.  Key limes have more of a yellowish-green color whereas regular limes are a deeper green.  Key lime pie green will brighten up any room when painted on the walls.  If you are using the color in your living room or patio/porch, use darker fabrics on your couch and get some key lime pie throw pillows or a lampshade in the same color.  

Lilac- Lilac is a tough color to decorate with.  It is in between blue and red on the color wheel.  But the problem is that lilac doesn’t compliment a lot of colors.  So what do you do with lilac?  Black goes with anything so for a dramatic effect, try lilac and black patterned fabric for your sofa and lilac drapes with black throw pillows.

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