Monday, April 29, 2013

How To Pick Colors For Your House’s Exterior

For some of your, the houses are the canvases for paint. If the artist manages to put in the right combination of all colors, wonderful artwork is produced. As the owner of the house, you should know what is right for your house but most of all, what will be produced after the house is painted should be pleasing to you and the people who can see it especially the neighbors.

Whether you want it simple or elaborate, you would of course have to go by some house painting color schemes. With that, here are some ways of how you can mix and match whatever colors you have in mind for your house to be more beautiful than ever.

With that, here are some things you can use in order for you to get to that goal of having a house with colors that are in tune together.

Color Charts

When thinking of colors, you don’t want to just think of any random color and just put those to any part of the house. You have to consider colors carefully and with that, you should see to it that the colors are in tune with each other. With this, you can make use of color charts which are available anywhere, whether on the internet or in a housing supply store, there are a lot of these available.

Different color schemes would give your shop different attitudes which are expressed depending on how you would portray them. White for example would express neatness or simplicity, yellow or green would be a warm and welcoming color while black on some parts of the house on the other hand would express elatedness. Depending what attitude you want to express, you should pick a color scheme according to this.


Nowadays, you don’t really have to look everywhere to find and expert on choosing color schemes. This expertise can now be offered by computer software. This software would first allow you to visualize your house possessing the different colors that you would want it to have and with that, it would allow you to know how much that color scheme is worth. That is, how much it would cost you to have your house painted that way.

This is made possible by a calculator that is made to work along with the software. This is getting more popular nowadays that numerous interior designers, architects and professional house painters actually use this themselves. With what this software can offer, choosing housing schemes could get much easier.

Hiring An Expert

While there are a lot of modern ways on how you could choose house painting color schemes, sometimes the best option is to still hire an expert. Other things would help you decide but there is just something with the human touch that you can get if an expert does things himself. The knowledge and experience of an expert is still unmatched when it comes to these matters.

The only thing is, this could cost you a lot which justifies the statement that with quality comes price. But if you are willing to give in more to get more, you should definitely go for this option. When it comes to choosing house color schemes, there is nothing that could beat the experts such as interior designers or professional house painters.

Monday, April 22, 2013

How To Paint Your House The Right Way

Whether you are having your first house constructed or if your house just needs a new layer of paint on it, you would of course have to be concerned on how to paint your house the right way. While this may be quite simple as though, it actually isn’t, even choosing what colors should be put on your house would already be quite a challenge. However, if you do the right things, you should get to that point wherein you’ll be satisfied with how your house would look like.

While a lot of people would hire professional house painters to do the job for them, if your house is not that big and if you want to save a lot of money, it is wiser to do the job yourself. If you follow these house painting instructions, your house would look like it was painted by a professional just by you doing it yourself.

Choose A Color Scheme

Before anything else, you would of course want your house to have the best colors possible. You want every color in your house to blend together and look like a wonderful piece of art. In order for this to be possible, you must think of a good color scheme. While this may sound simple, this could actually be one of the toughest parts when it comes to painting your house so in doing this, be patient, give yourself at least a month to finalize which colors would go where.

Fortunately, this is made easier nowadays with a lot of things you can use for you to come up with an attractive color scheme. If you look into housing supplies stores, some of them might have color charts, which would help you know what colors look good with each other. If you want to mix and match your own colors, you can use this house painting software of which you can visualize how your house would look like if it had the colors you want it to have.

Paint From Top To Bottom

Make sure that you only begin painting if you have already finalized what color scheme to use and if you area already complete with all materials and supplies needed for the job.

The process of painting is more synchronized and would work easier if you started painting from the ceiling while moving slowly to the bottom part of the floor. If you don’t follow this, the wet paint on some parts of the area won’t allow you to move further or if you do, it would cause a large mess.

You want things to be as easy and as fast as possible and with that, it is best advised that you first start with the ceiling then the floor and after that, start painting the doors, cabinets and other panels. After all those, you can begin painting other parts such as the window and door frames.

Clean Up

After painting, it cannot be avoided that a few messes will be made. Fortunately, cleaning up is really easy when it comes to these matters as made possible by some products. For cleaning the brushes, you can use paint thinner or commercial brush cleaners. For cleaning your hands, commercial paint removers are also available on most housing supplies stores.

With these house painting instructions, your house should look at its best after you have painted it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

How Much Would It Cost You To Paint Your House?

Whether you are building a new house or you just need a new layer of paint around your house, you of course would be considering a lot of things regarding house painting prices. You might ask if painting it yourself or hiring a house painter to do the job would be better or how much the paint itself would cost. With this, house painting prices is quite a big issue if you are considering painting your house.

Just like everything else, price is always and issue and the one that is the cheapest and has the best quality as much as possible would always be the best option. The only thing is that you can’t have everything; all you can have is just one option. In order to help you decide, here are some guidelines as to what options you should pick or what details you should consider when you are painting your house.

Should I Hire Someone?

This question is commonly asked by busy people and by those who just would not want to paint their houses themselves. If this is the case, take into consideration that this task is done by popular and professional people with house painting businesses, which is it can cost a lot, obviously much more than if you paint your house yourself. But if you have the resources, got nothing to lose then go ahead and hire someone who can effectively do the job for you.

Before anything else, take note that painting your house yourself is not that hard. Depending on the climate and the common weather conditions in your house, you may just paint your house when needed. Most commonly, the exterior paint of a house wears of every 2 to 4 years. To manage this effectively, some people would paint one side of their houses every year, causing the whole house to be painted once in every four years.

How Much Would The Options Cost?

For the paint itself, set aside around $25 to $40 per gallon of paint with good quality. As commonly observed by house painters, a gallon of paint is enough to cover around 400 square feet so in order for you to come up with how much you actually need, split the whole area of the area to be painted by 400 square feet and that is just how much gallons of paint you need. If you paint your house yourself, that is practically just how much you are about to spend.

If you plan on hiring someone, take note that the actual cost of paint would only account for about 15% of the total amount that the house painter will charge you, the labor would account for about 85%. That is how expensive the cost of labor is so if you have the time to paint your house yourself; it is still advised that you do it. The good thing about hiring someone to paint your house is that they work quickly and most of the time, really do their jobs well.

What Other Things To Consider

You should be aware of how much time it would take for the paint to wear off. While it would take 4 years most of the time for exterior paint to start cracking, if the quality of the paint is really good and if weather conditions are not too harsh, sometimes the exterior paint could last up to 8 years. This would save you a lot if you adjust to the situation, considering that house painting prices do not come too cheap.

Monday, April 8, 2013

House Painting Tools For An Easier Job

Everyone needs to paint their houses every once in a while and with that, a lot of us would opt to paint houses ourselves. You know that this task in definitely uneasy and it would take up a lot of your time and so much effort. Depending on what house painting tools you have, you can actually make the job easier.

There are three main types of painting tools: the brush, the roller and the sprayer. All of these tools work differently but they all serve the purpose which is to paint the house. Depending on what you can afford or what you would prefer, you can avail of any of these tools.

The Paint Brush

Paint brushes are commonly thought to be the old fashioned way of painting things, but actually it is not all that. Paint brushes come in all shapes and sizes all of which would suit different ways of painting things. The bristles of the brush would either be made of animal hair or of synthetic bristles. For most brushes, the synthetic bristled are more commonly used.

While the paint brush can paint a house, it is not very much used now because there are much faster ways of painting such as the air spray and the roller. However, the paint brush is still preferred over other ways of painting especially those of which you would have to pay attention when it comes to details such as fences, door frames and window frames.

The Roller

Just like brushes are, paint rollers also come in many forms. This is preferred over brushes when it comes to painting walls because it does the job much faster and is very effective in doing it. The strokes produced by brushes are more even as to if you brush your surfaces manually. The thing here is that, you cannot use rollers to paint small details.

Some would prefer this over air brushes because it is much cheaper and is still effective in doing the job. This is still popular and even professional house painters still use this.

If you want fancy patterns, like those some people would put in children’s bedrooms, some rollers would come in patterns. If you want a mix of colors and not just one color, some rollers are made to creatively put several colors together and paint them in your wall nicely.

The Air Brush

Out of all the options, the air brush is the fastest way to do the job. While that is so, the quality comes with a price monetarily speaking. This is also the most expensive way of doing the job as the equipment needed is reasonably expensive. While that is so, this is also considered to produce the best quality of work as compared to other tools.

If you can afford it, it is definitely worth it. This is getting more popular as a lot of professional house painters have this as a basic house painting tool. This can be used to paint virtually anything from ceilings to walls and those which require more concentration such as those with small details.

Whatever tools you wish to choose, what really matters is what you get after you apply it and if you are comfortable using it. The tool after all, is only your means of getting to your goal.

Monday, April 1, 2013

House Painting Services For You

Whether you are constructing a new house or you just need a new layer of paint around your house, everyone would need to paint their houses every once in a while. With this, there are two main approaches to this. Whether you paint your house yourself or you hire someone who offers house painting services. With this, you must be aware of what advantages and disadvantages you can get from these options.

If you can afford it and if you really don’t have the time to paint your house yourself, it is well advised that you hire a house painter. In order for you to be able to decide easier, here are some details you must take a look at.

Advantages Of House Painting Services

If you really want someone else to do the job for you, you will be saved from a whole lot of work. Painting the house is such; it really would take up a lot of your time, money and effort. What is better is that most reputable house painting companies would do the job much quicker than if you would do it yourself, the equipment as well as the abundance of personnel they have would make them really effective in working.

With this, it is understood that in general, house painting services would make your house look better because of the quality of work that can be produced. Considering that hiring someone would make your house look better and do the job much faster,  you might consider having this option however, there are also some disadvantages you should take a look at.

Disadvantages Of House Painting Services

With quality comes price, and this notion is very much applicable when it comes to house painting. In other words, hiring someone to do the house painting for you would cost much more than if you would paint your house yourself. So much in fact that out of the total cost that a house painting company would charge you, only 15% of that price is actually the cost of paint. That leaves 85% of it as the amount you pay for services.

Some people also prefer to paint their houses themselves because if they do, they are able to give their houses their own personal feel. Unlike when having someone paint your house, some people want their house paint to be a product of themselves. If you are the type who would want to save as much as you can, doing it yourself is the best option for you.

How Do I Choose?

First of all, we know that both options would get us to our goal which is to have your house painted. The problem here is that, which approach would you feel more comfortable with? If your prefer doing things yourself and would like to save more, then you definitely should buy your own paint and do the painting yourself.

If you want things the easy way and if you have the resources for it then you should hire a company that offers house painting services. In choosing, what is important is that you are comfortable with your choice. Take note that both ways of painting your house are good enough to have your house painted over. What really matters how it would affect you as the owner of the house.