Monday, November 4, 2013

Your Mood and Colors

Your home will reflect calmness and comfort when using cool colors in your home.  This article will help you decide which colors are best for you home and color scheme.

Concord Grape- When most people think of Concord grape, they think of wine.  I know I do but I love wine.  Anyways, Concord grapes are darker grapes that have a smoky, sweet snap to them.  This color works well when used with a pale yellow, ivory or creamy white.  To use Concord grapes themselves as a decorating piece, place a bunch of grapes in a silver bowl on your dinner table.  You have to be cautious when using Concord grape as it is recommended that you don’t use the color or anything that is large such as walls or couch.  Because this color is such a dark color, painting it on the walls will make your room look too dark.  In your bathroom, try hanging Concord grape towels or in your living room add Concord grape throw pillows to your pale yellow couch.  

Mint Green- Mint green is cool and refreshing.  Mint green is the color of the month of April because it signifies the beginning of spring.  Mint green is a bright, light green.  In the decorating world, mint green is used to make a room brighter.  Mint green is light enough so that you can use it to paint your entire walls in a room.  Mint green inspires mental activity so some people will use this color in the study or dining area where homework and office work is done.  

Turquoise- According to some interior designers, turquoise is a color that is often overlooked in decorating because many people think that turquoise is only used in jewelry and won’t look good on their walls or upholstery.  But this color can brighten up a corner of a dark room.  Turquoise is used a lot in Southwestern design so using turquoise in your own home will bring a Southwestern feel to your home.  If you want to add more of a Southwestern feel to your home, try adding other Southwestern colors such as pale peach, salmon and deep green.  

Sea foam Green- This is color that will remind you of the sea.  Picture the perfect living room:  dark wood paneling, sea foam green couch, chairs with deep floral prints and a vase filled with fresh flowers.  Sea foam green is not a bright green but it is a paler green that will not completely take over a room but instead adds a subtle note.  Sea foam is a color you could paint your walls with since it is such a pale color.  This color works best when paired with deeper shades.

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