Monday, October 14, 2013

Using Psychology to Decorate Your Bedroom

When sitting in a room that you want to decorate, thinking of which colors you want, close your eyes and feel the emotions that are going on in your head.  The colors that you choose in that room and throughout you home can have a lasting impression on your psyche.  Understanding how color work on your emotions will help you have a greater understanding of what colors you want in your home.  While psychology studies have shown that there is no universal feeling evoked from any color in all people across the world but they have found that within certain societies there are general trends in different people.  It seems that the same color can have a different effect on people from one country to another.  For example, the color red in the United States means aggression where in China is represents calmness.  

So you may think that you are not sure which colors to choose since each color affects every person different.  But have no fear since there are general trends in psychological studies within the United States that affect all persons.  So in order to choose the colors that are right for your mood, you also have to take into consideration the emotions and feelings of everyone else who lives in the home.  Except for your bedroom, which is where YOU get to choose the colors because that is where you spend your time more than anyone else in the house, the other rooms in the home are used and occupied by everyone in the household.  

The two colors that are the most extreme are black and white.  These two colors are total opposites.  Black is an attention grabber.  It creates a dark, sultry ambience.  It is important to note that if you use too much black in any room in your home it will make that room look smaller than it actually is.  The color black has also been known to cause more nightmares in people.  But the color white has its problems too.  Many people use the color white for the walls in their home.  The color can have a soothing effect on people.  But white can also lead to a lack of stimulation.  So because of this white is not a good color for a bedroom.  

Earth tones are another popular color for many people.  These colors are gentle and bring a cozy feeling to any room.  Earth tone colors include brown, orange, greens and yellows.  Brown brings families closer together, orange is a happy color and yellow has a positive effect on people.  

Blues and greens bring peace and serenity to most people.  It reminds many people of nature, the sky and crystal clear water.  Using blues and greens in your bedroom can bring calmness among its occupants and that makes for better sleep.  The color bleu also reduces nighttime cravings.  

Red is a color that dispenses excitement.  If you are a person that suffers from insomnia then red is not a color that you want to use in the bedroom.  Red also makes people more aggressive.  It speeds up people metabolism and gives them more energy.

Tones and shades are important to take note of as they will alter these effects somewhat.  It is the effects on your own mind that are most important, and only you can truly understand your own impressions. 

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