Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Diamondhard Acrylic Enamel

Diamondhard Paint

DESCRIPTION:This is truly one of the finest quality general purpose coatings available today. DIAMONDHARD ACRYLIC ENAMEL features superior adhesion to almost any interior or exterior surface with a resilient durable finish that lasts for years. This is a water base formula that offers added convenience and safety in a product that will out perform conventional oil base paints in most situations.

FEATURES:• Out performs oil base paint
• Rust Inhibiting
• Low odor, non-flammable
• Tough durable acrylic finish
• Levels to a beautiful smooth finish
• Superior gloss and color retention

GENERAL: Surfaces to be painted must be clean, free of dirt, chalk, grease, loose paint and all other residue or contaminants. Scrape, wire brush and sand to remove loose or unsound paint layers. Clean the surface by washing with a low sudsing detergent and water. Remove mildew by washing with a solution of household bleach and water (1:3). Rinse thoroughly. Allow surfaces treated with bleach solution to dry at least 48 hours before painting. Stains from ink, smoke, water and grease should be sealed with a good stain killing primer. WOOD: This product can be applied directly to wood. But for best appearance, use an oil base enamel undercoater or acrylic primer before applying the finish coat(s). METAL: Clean new metals with a solvent such as mineral spirits to remove grease and oily residue. Allow solvent cleaned surfaces to dry completely. Remove all rust by wire brushing, sanding or chemical treatment. On ferrous metals subject to corrosive conditions or where rust has been a recurring problem, use a rust inhibiting primer. No primer is required for aluminum. MASONRY, BRICK AND CONCRETE, DRYWALL AND OTHER SURFACES: This coating will adhere to a wide variety of other surfaces. If you are painting a difficult or unusual surface, first paint a small area, allow to cure for 5 days, and test for adhesion by apply masking tape to the surface then removing the tape in a quick upward motion. If the finish does not lift, you have a suitable surface for painting. See label for additional details.

Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F. Avoid painting in direct sunlight or during unusually hot or windy conditions. Do not paint exterior surfaces at night or during damp or rainy weather. Apply this product with a good quality polyester brush or premium short nap (3/16”-1/4”) roller. Apply a full even coat, brushing out to avoid runs and sags. This product provides superior leveling which will eliminate brush marks as it dries. Avoid “over burshing” after the paint has begun to dry or tack. If you must stop painting before finishing your project, stop at a corner, edge or other breakpoint, rather than the middle of a surface. If applying with airless spray equipment, apply at package consistency, unthinned. A .013-.015 tip at 1,200-1,800 PSI is recommended. For conventional spray, thin sparingly with clean water up to one pint per gallon. If applying more than one can of product, intermix or “box” the paint together to ensure maximum color uniformity.

Introducing the water-base primer that performs like an oil

   Finaly, there's primer that gives you all the performance of an oil-primer in an advance water-base formula- new Zinsser Smart Prime.
    Featuring advance water-base tecnology exclusive from Zinsser, Smart Prime effectivelly blocks all stains-even common water stains- with fast dry, low odor formula that offers superior flow and leveling. It penetrates deeply for better sealed surfaces and offers legendary Zinsser adhesion to stick to all surfaces without sanding.
   LEED compliant Smart Prime won't raise the wood grain like water-base primers can- and offers exterior flexibility, so it's great for any painting project. To paint smart, prime mart with the new Smart Prime. For more information visit

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Frogtape Brand Painter's Tape

   FrogTape is the only painter's tape treated with patented PaintBlock Technology. PaintBlock is a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed.
   Selecting the right grade and level of adhesion before you start taping is important. For cured painted walls, wood trim, glass and metal, a medium adhesion tape, such as FrogTape Multi-Surface, would be ideal. But for delicate surfaces such as fresh paint (24 hours old), wallpaper or faux finishes, this requires a tape with lower adhesion to prevent surface damage. FrogTape also comes in a Delicate Surface technology to accommodate these types of situations.
  You do not have to use any special techniques or tricks to apply FrogTape. As with any paint project though, it is important to prep properly by making sure the surface is clean, dust-free and dry before applying the tape. For accurate placement, adhere FrogTape in short sections to avoid stretching the tape and make sure it's flush to the edge you will be painting. As soon as paint comes in contact with the edges of FrogTape, PaintBlock reacts with the water in the latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier. This resulting gel barrier seals the edges of the tape, preventing bleed-through. The result: very sharp paint lines and less time spent on touch-ups!.
   FrogTape's Media Relations Manager, Kristin Bixler, says the brand participated in four home and garden shows this spring to educate consumers on FrogTape and why is is different from other painter's tape. The most frequently asked questions people had were:
(1) Can be used with oil-based paint?
(2) How soon should you remove the tape after painting?
(3) How do you get good results on texture walls?.
   Answering those questions in order, Bixler says, "Yes, you can use oil-based paint with FrogTape. After applying FrogTape to your surface, just run a damp cloth over the tape's edges first to activate the PaintBlock Technology.
   "It is recommended that you remove FrogTape immediately, while the paint is still wet. The tape should be removed slowly and at a 180 degree angle. If you let the paint dry before removing the tape, it increases the possibility of tearing the fresh paint. If painting more than one coat, make sure to remove and reapply FrogTape in between coats of paint.
   "Getting sharp paint lines on textured walls isn't impossible, it just requires a couple extra steps." Visit to see detailed steps-by-step instructions to obtain optimal results on textured surfaces.
   FrogTape's unique green color helps identify the product on the shelves. Each roll also comes in a handy, reusable plastic canister that can also be recycled. "The canister keeps the tape fresh and free of dirt and debris. It also prevents the edges from getting damaged."