Monday, October 7, 2013

Teen Themed Bedrooms

Teens have some wild tastes and personalities.  They like everything from retro to video games to martial arts to the beach.  So why not create a themed bedroom your teen will love.

Video Game Theme- This is more of a theme for guys rather than girls although there are some teen girls into video games.   A state of the art video game bedroom would include a flat screen TV on the wall with an entertainment system that of course features a game console.  

Retro Theme- Retro is a theme that is popular among teens these days.  Retro goes back to the culture, music, clothes and hair style of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  When designing a room in this theme, use bright colors such as red, orange and yellow.  Also tie dye and shag carpets were popular in the retro era.  

Family and Friends Theme- This is more of a popular room for girls.  Add photos of friends and family to one wall in the room.  You can add vacation photos, prom pics, graduation, homecoming and wedding that you attended.  

Mixed Martial Arts- This is the perfect theme for a boy’s room.  Pin up posters of your favorite martial artist.  For an added touch, you can add sparring gloves or hang a punching bag in the room so you can work out in your own bedroom.

Outdoors Theme- For the teen who just can’t get enough of the outside, an outdoors theme is the perfect color scheme.  Use wallpaper and/or borders to reflect your favorite outdoor scenes.  You can choose themes from mountain climbing, underwater exploration, wooded scenes and seashore scenes.  Using earth colors such as brown and green will help make the theme more complete.  

Beach/Surfer Theme- Teens who love the beach in the summer or who can’t stay off the surf board need to have a beach theme.  But you don’t just want to hang posters of your favorite surfer or pictures of the beach.  You want a tropical theme going on such as palm trees and bamboo mats or hang a couple of surfboards as wall decorations.  

City Theme- If you are into big cities such as New York Coty, Paris, London or France, then you need to have a big city theme bedroom.  Decorate the room with souvenirs from the big cities or paint a mural of your favorite city skyline.  If you want a more of a city feel, try a loft bed.

Travel Theme- If you dream of traveling or living in another country, then a travel theme is the perfect bedroom theme.  Fill your room with globes, maps, travel posters, photos and souvenirs.  

So if you are feeling adventurous, then try one or more of these themes.

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