Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zip-Strip Trigger Spray Paint & Finish Remover

Zip-Strip Trigger Spray Paint and Finish Remover is designed with easy application in mind. Its special formula sprays as a liquid so it penetrates into hard-to-get places like scrollwork, carving, spindles and filigree. Upon contact, Trigger Spray gels to a semi-paste consistency with clingability so it stays put, even on vertical surfaces. A fine initial spray begins the softening process. After five minutes spray a second time to activate further penetration, removing four to five coats or more. Zip-Strip Trigger Spray Paint and Finish Remover strips household paints and clear finishes, enamel, oil and latex paint, urethane, polyurethane, shellac, lacquer, water-based finish and spar varnish. It is non-flammable, and excellent for interior as well as exterior use. Just spray it on and remove with steel wool, a scraper or even wash off with water (Use of water may loosen veneer or raise wood grain. This would make it necessary to re-glue veneer or to sand the wood after it is thoroughly dry, prior to refinishing). Capable of removing 4-5 coats of paint.


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