Monday, May 21, 2012

Last-n-Last LNL-100SA Commercial Grade Oil-n-H2O Wood Floor Sealer

Last n Last LNL-100SA Commercial Grade Oil -n- H20 Wood Floor Sealer

LNL-100SA, is an ambering wood floor sealer featuring Oil·n·H2O™ technology. LNL-100SA is a low odor sealer, which penetrates the wood and dries quickly. LNL-100SA can be applied directly on stained wood surfaces, or on raw wood. When used under oil modified finish products, the sealer must be completely dry. Do not use over polyurethane, lacquer or other sealed surfaces. No Thinning Required.
Excellent for sealing most interior wood surfaces including floors, doors, cabinets, and furnitures.
Color in Container: Amber color(dries clear)
Solids Content: 25+/-1%
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
VOC: VOC does not exceed 275 grams/liter
Flash Point: 198°F
Pot Life: Unlimited in unopened container
Dry Time: 1 hour with good conditions
Clean Up: Water
Application method: T-Bar applicator, Synthetic waterborne applicator and nylon brush.
Coverage: 600-700 sq. feet per gallon.
Proper surface preparation is essential to achieve a high quality finish. Read the MSDS sheet and wear proper protection, which may include gloves, eye protection, and/or other protective devices.
Surface Preparation:
New or Newly Sanded Floors or Wood Surfaces: Prepare the floor according to NWFA or NOFMA accepted standard. The final pass before application of sealer should be a #150 grit screen pad or sandpaper. Remove dust completely by sweeping, vacuuming and wiping the floor or work surface with a lint free cloth lightly dampened with water. The floor or work surface and room temperature should be at least 65°F.
Apply sealer using standard water based finish techniques. Applicator should be slightly dampened with sealer before starting. Pour sealer onto floor 4" strip along the starting wall. Apply the sealer with the grain of wood. applicator towards you holding the applicator at a slight “snowplow” angle. Remember keep a wet edge as you work. When you reach the end wall, pull the applicator in a sweeping motion, without lifting it from the floor. Feather turn, and gently touch any missed spots. Apply at recommended coverage. Screen with a #150 grit or maroon pad with gold strips prior to application of first top coat. Don’t over sand between coats.
Application over stain:
should adhere well to most stain, but a test for adhesion over brands other than Last•n•Last stain is recommended. Use Last•n•Last Classic Wood Stain following instruction on label. Allow the stain to dry a minimum of 24 hours under good conditions. Make sure the stain is completely dry before applying the finish or sealer. Not recommended under white or pastel stains.
Drying Time:
Last•n•Last 100 SA should be dry to the touch in 1 hour. Allow minimum of 2 hours before screening and for the topcoat to be applied. Heavy finish application, high humidity or lack of airflow will extend drying times. Under oil, longer dry time maybe needed.
Clean up:
Use water to clean brushes and applicators.

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