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Last-n-Last LNL-700A Commercial Grade Oil-n-H20 Wood Floor Finish

Last-n- Last LNL-700A Commercial Grade Oil-n-H20 Wood Floor Finish
LNL-700A incorporates the latest Oil·n·H2O technology with Microban antimicrobial protection, Aluminum Oxide and a 7 Year Residential Wear Warranty, for advanced protection of wood floors. Our unique Oil·n·H2O, 100% urethane technology, is incredibly easy to use, and provides beautiful long lasting protection to all types of interior wood floors. No thinning required. Not recommended for white stained floors. Microban protection continuously inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and damage the finish on your floor. And because Microban protection is built into this coating, it will not wash off or wear away for the life of the finish.

LNL 700A Wood Floor Finish is recommended for interior residential wood.

Color in Container: Yellowish white (Dries clear)
Solids Content: 30+/-1%
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
VOC:VOC does not exceed 275grams/liter
Flash Point: 198°F
Sheen Gloss: >80 units @ 60° on wood
Semi-Gloss: 50-60 units @ 60° on wood
Satin: 25-30 units @ 60° on wood
Freeze/Thaw Stability: Stable (if frozen, thaw completely before using)
Shelf Life: Unlimited in unopened container
Dry Time :2 hours under good conditions
Clean Up :Water
Application method: T-Bar applicator, Synthetic waterborne applicator and nylon brush.
Coverage :500-550 sq. feet per gallon.

Proper surface preparation is essential to achieve a high quality finish. Read the MSDS sheet and wear proper protection, which may include gloves, eye protection, and/or other protective devices.

Surface Preparation:
New or Newly Sanded Floors or Wood Surfaces:Prepare the floor according to NWFA or NOFMA accepted standard. The final pass before application of Last•n•Last 700 and sealer should be a #100 to #150 grit screen pad or sandpaper. Remove dust completely by sweeping, vacuuming and wiping the
floor or work surface with a lint free cloth lightly dampened with water. The floor or work surface and room temperature should be at least 65°F.
Previously Finished Floors or Wood Surfaces:Remove old finish in poor condition. If the old finish is shellac or contains wax or any stearate, regardless of the condition,remove it completely then follow surface preparation for New Wood Surfaces. If old finish is still sound and good, screen the work surface with a #100 to #150 screen disc, #180 grit sand paper, maroon pad or similar. Remove dust completely by sweeping, vacuuming and wiping the work surface with a lint free cloth lightly dampened with water. The work surface and room temperature should be at least 65°F.


Apply in well ventilated area by nylon brush, or synthetic waterborne applicator at room temperature and not in direct sunlight. Slightly dampen applicator with finish prior to starting. Pour finish onto floor in a 4” strip along the starting wall. Apply finish with the grain of the wood. Pull the applicator towards you at a slight “snowplow” angle. Remember to keep a wet edge as you work. Feather all turns and stops in the direction which the applicator was pulled. When you reach the end wall, pull the applicator around in a sweeping motion, without lifting it from the floor. Feather turn, and gently touch any missed spots. Apply at recommended coverage in thin coats.

Application over stain:Last•n•Last 700A should adhere well to most stain, but a test for adhesion over brands other than Last•n•Last stain is recommended. Use Last•n•Last Classic Wood Stain following instruction on label. Allow the stain to dry a minimum of 24 hours under good conditions. Make sure the stain is completely dry before applying the finish or sealer.

Drying Time:
When applied according to directions, and in thin coats, Last•n•Last 700A should be dry to the touch in 1 hour. Allow minimum of 2 hours between coats. Heavy finish application, high humidity or lack of airflow will extend drying times. Last•n•Last 700A completely cures within 2 weeks. Please allow the finish to be fully cured for area rugs or mats to be put down. The floor is susceptible to scuffing and marring before full cure. No more than two coats are recommended per day.

Clean up:
Use water to clean brushes and applicators.

Last•n•Last 700A never needs waxing. We recommend Polycare Floor Cleaner as the safe and effective cleaning product for all polyurethane coated surfaces. It has a unique soap-free, no rinse formula which will not harm polyurethane or varnished wood surfaces.

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