Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zip-Strip Industrial Paint & Finish Remover

Zip-Strip Industrial Paint and Finish Remover is the strongest of our removers and was developed for use on more difficult projects such as boats, cars and concrete. It contains a detergent which makes it possible to wash the finish off with water, minimizing scraping. The semi-paste consistency makes this remover a good choice for vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. Zip-Strip Industrial Paint and Finish Remover is non-flammable. It is excellent for interior as well as exterior applications. It removes eight or more coats of enamel, oil and latex paint, urethane, polyurethane, shellac, lacquer, water-based finish, varnish and even epoxy. It works well for marine, automotive, farm, and industrial applications including concrete swimming pools and metal lawn furniture. It will not raise the grain or discolor the wood. No neutralizing is required. Removes easily with a scraper, washing off with cool water and a scrub brush, or spraying with a high pressure stream of water. (Note: Use of water may loosen veneer or raise wood grain. This would make it necessary to re-glue veneer or to sand the wood after it is thoroughly dry, prior to refinishing.). Capable of removing up to 8 coats.

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