Monday, April 2, 2012

UGL-Interior Wood Finishes

Zar Stain
United Gilsonite Laboratories offers a complete line of interiors woods stains, clear finishes, patching and application products under ZAR brand.The line includes VOC levels that are acceptable in every part of the country and multiple levels of sheens and colors for every design preference. In addition, there are products for interior and exterior application, in traditional oil-based formulas, fast-drying formulas and water based formulas. There are also wood patch products as well as a wood graining tool and a China bristle brush especially suited for use with these products.
   The company's ZAR wood stain is an oil-based wood stain that stains evenly with "controlled penetration." Featuring a super fast-drying formula, it wipes on easily to produce a rich, uniform color. ZAR ULTRA MAX wood Stain Features core/shell technology that provides the rich, even color of oil-base stain with the low odor, fast drying and easy clean-up of a water-base stain. The Advance Green Phase Resin Dispersion Technology uses environmentally friendly resins for a VOC-compliant product. No wood conditioner is needed.
   The ZAR line also includes a number of polyurethanes, several of which feature Dual Drying Technology that create a revolutionary fast-drying finish that dries by coalescing and oxygen cross-linking for a harder "through cure". Among the products that provide this are: ZAR ULTRA MAX Waterborne Oil Modified Polyurethane and ZAR ULTRA MAX Interior Waterborne Oil Modified Wipe-On Polyurethane Finish.
   Among other choices of polyurethanes are: Aqua ZAR interior Water-based Polyurethane, an environmentally safe, non-yellowing clear wood finish in a full bodied formula that brushes on like a conventional polyurethane; ULTRA ZAR Plus, a fast and easy interior oil-base stain and polyurethane in one; as well as several polyurethanes suitable for exterior use in oil- and water-based formulations.
   ZAR Classic Polyurethanes is UGL's newest addition to the ZAR line. It  is a 350 g/L VOC polyurethane with high-solids content that offers a durable protective finish.

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