Monday, April 30, 2012

Last-n-Last Interior Wood Finishes

   Absolute Coatings provides products that encompass everything needed for a flooring project.With acquisition of the Zip-Strip brand of paint removers, the company offers products that will strip existing floor finishes. Then, the floor can be coated with Last-n-Last polyurethane wood floor finishes. Finally the new and improved line of PolyCare floor cleaners will keep the floor looking nice.

   Last-n-Last Clear Wood Finishes are the foundation of the Absolute Coatings line. The oil-modified polyurethane are made with pure soya resin and come in several VOC formulas. The Ultra Gold is a unique Oil n H2O formula for oil beauty and protection with soap and water clean-up. The Ultra Clear is a waterborne formula that provides a crystal-clear look.

   Absolute Coatings' commitment to quality is best exemplified wit LNL-1500, a single-component product with an aluminum oxide formulation for providing a harder finish. Like other Last-n-Last products,LNL-1500 contain the anti-microbial Microban, a benefit that sets the product apart from others polyurethanes on the market. This is the Cadillac of the waterborne wood finishes, and we back it up with 15-year wear warranty.

  All the Absolute Coatings' products are VOC-compliant without any compromise in quality and offering such benefits as low odor, faster dry time, consistent sheens and a longer lasting finish.

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