Monday, December 17, 2007

The importance of Paint Quality

Regardless of the type of paint you will be using, one of the most important factors in the ultimate success of any paint job is the quality of paint used. On this subject, experts agree: You should use the highest quality paint to get the best paint performance.
How do you identify top quality paint? Unless you are paint chemist, you should simply purchase the best paint within your favorite manufacturer's line of products. More costly paints typically contain a higher percentage of better quality ingredients that are critical to superior paint performance.
Top quality paints outperform ordinary grades of paint in many ways:
  • They are more durable and long-lasting.
  • They often have better hiding characteristics, which is especially important when you are painting over a darker color.
  • They are easier to apply.
  • They have more uniform color and sheen, and they maintain original color and sheen better over time, so your paint job will continue to look good for a longer period.
  • They frequently contain higher levels of additives- for example, more mildewcide to help keep unsightly mildew in check.

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Resource from A Step-by-Step Guide How to Paint. Paint & Decorating Retailers Association.

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