Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quality Paint=Great Value

Painting with top quality paint can add years to the life of paint job and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars (US) in the form of lower home maintenance costs. This is especially true with exterior paints. With proper surface preparation, top quality exterior paint can last 10 years or more, compared to about four years with ordinary exterior paint.
The best way to appreciate this "investment value" of top quality paint is to compare the life-cycle cost or "cost per year of service" for high quality and ordinary paints. Consider a hypothetical case, involving a 3,500-sq-foot home requiring 20 gallons of exterior paint:
  • At US$15 per gallon for 20 gallons* of paint, it would cost US$300 to paint the home using an ordinary paint. If the expected lifespan is four years, the cost of the paint per year of service is US$75.
  • If a top quality exterior paint were used instead, and the cost per gallon were US$25 per gallon, the total paint cost would be US$500 (US$25 per gallon X 20 gallons). But this paint job will last 10 years or more, so the cost per year of service is at the most, a more economical US$50!.

If you were to hire a contractor to do your painting, you would realize an even greater advantage by choosing a top quality paint instead of an ordinary paint in terms of cost per year of service.

While these examples are typical of the kind of savings that are possible by choosing high quality exterior paint, your precise savings may be different depending on a number of factors, including how well you do your surface preparation, local weather conditions, the cost of paint in your area, and other variables.

In any event, since you don't have to paint as often when you use top quality paint, you will also save a great deal of work and time.

The fact remains, when it comes to paint, it pays to invest in the best. And that is true whether you are doing exterior or interior painting.

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Resource from A Step-by-Step Guide How to Paint. Paint & Decorating Retailers Association.

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