Monday, June 3, 2013

Steps In Painting The Interior Of Your House

A very large part of maintain our houses is having it repainted every once in a while and that is very applicable when it comes to interior house painting. While the task itself is not actually that hard, you can still make it a lot easier if you follow some tips and tricks. Not only will these tips make the job easier, it will make it easier for you to cleanse whatever messes could be made after.

The problem is that, some people still think of this as a big issue, maybe because a lot of them are just scared to paint their houses. So to help you make interior house painting much easier, here are some useful tips.

Make It Easier For You To Clean Later

Painting the interior of your house could bring about a lot of mess later on. Considering this, you should take some steps that would make it easier for you to clean whatever mess could be made later.

Before anything else, you should first dip your brush in whatever solvent it is that you would use later to cleanse it of paint. For latex paints, you should dip your brush first in water and for oil based paints; you should dip it first in solutions. This process should make it easier for you to remove all paint that would stick to the brush later on.

To protect your hands from paint, you could wear gloves but if you are not comfortable doing so, you can put lotion on your hands. This would make whatever sticks to your hands later easier for you to wash it off later.

The Painting Process

First of all, take not that when it comes to strokes, there is actually no rule when it comes to painting. You just have to make sure that you just use the right amount of paint and by that, there must not be too much or too little. Just make sure that the strokes are all regular and that they will end up giving you an even layer of paint on your wall.

With this, it is also very important that you consider heavily the quality of your brushes or your rollers. Never use anything that is of low quality as these may cause damage instead of repairing them. Cheap rollers would tend to leave unwanted marks on the wall while cheap brushes could leave streaks. The extra dollars you would have to pay to get the better rollers and brushes would definitely be worth it all.

Which Parts To Paint First?

In interior house painting, it is very important that you paint your house the right way which is that you should know which parts to paint first. While there is no exact way of putting this, you should remember that you should always paint starting from the top to the bottom all the time. In doing this, all the other tips mentioned above would still apply.

It would be good if you of course start with the ceiling and eventually move down. After that, you could go for the walls next and finish with the cabinets and the doors. This process of painting is very important. If you start at the bottom, the wet paint will not allow you to work upwards.

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