Monday, April 22, 2013

How To Paint Your House The Right Way

Whether you are having your first house constructed or if your house just needs a new layer of paint on it, you would of course have to be concerned on how to paint your house the right way. While this may be quite simple as though, it actually isn’t, even choosing what colors should be put on your house would already be quite a challenge. However, if you do the right things, you should get to that point wherein you’ll be satisfied with how your house would look like.

While a lot of people would hire professional house painters to do the job for them, if your house is not that big and if you want to save a lot of money, it is wiser to do the job yourself. If you follow these house painting instructions, your house would look like it was painted by a professional just by you doing it yourself.

Choose A Color Scheme

Before anything else, you would of course want your house to have the best colors possible. You want every color in your house to blend together and look like a wonderful piece of art. In order for this to be possible, you must think of a good color scheme. While this may sound simple, this could actually be one of the toughest parts when it comes to painting your house so in doing this, be patient, give yourself at least a month to finalize which colors would go where.

Fortunately, this is made easier nowadays with a lot of things you can use for you to come up with an attractive color scheme. If you look into housing supplies stores, some of them might have color charts, which would help you know what colors look good with each other. If you want to mix and match your own colors, you can use this house painting software of which you can visualize how your house would look like if it had the colors you want it to have.

Paint From Top To Bottom

Make sure that you only begin painting if you have already finalized what color scheme to use and if you area already complete with all materials and supplies needed for the job.

The process of painting is more synchronized and would work easier if you started painting from the ceiling while moving slowly to the bottom part of the floor. If you don’t follow this, the wet paint on some parts of the area won’t allow you to move further or if you do, it would cause a large mess.

You want things to be as easy and as fast as possible and with that, it is best advised that you first start with the ceiling then the floor and after that, start painting the doors, cabinets and other panels. After all those, you can begin painting other parts such as the window and door frames.

Clean Up

After painting, it cannot be avoided that a few messes will be made. Fortunately, cleaning up is really easy when it comes to these matters as made possible by some products. For cleaning the brushes, you can use paint thinner or commercial brush cleaners. For cleaning your hands, commercial paint removers are also available on most housing supplies stores.

With these house painting instructions, your house should look at its best after you have painted it.

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