Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zinsser Brands (Rust-Oleum Corporation)

   For nearly Rust-Oleum ( has been the leader in rust prevention. But stopping rust is just the start. Our premium Zinsser primer brands, Bull Eye 1-2-3, Cover Stain and B-I-N, have long been the professionals' choice for the residential, commercial and remediation projects. Innovation and formulation leadership also have led to the development of a long list of primers, cleaners, specialty coatings,, wallcovering sundries and wood care products that exceed customers expectations for quality and performance. Innovative "next-generation" primers like Zinsser Smart Prime are now part of a comprehensive line of ultimate, premium, workhorse, specialty and convenience primers, and Zinsser brands like DIF, Shieldz, JOMAX and Perma-White are recognized category leaders by both professionals and do-it-youselfers.
   Today, Zinsser is just one of more than 60 premium brands in the Rust-Oleum portfolio. These nationally recognized brands- Rust-Oleum, Stop Rust, Universal, EP OXYSHIELD, Rust-Oleum Transformations, Varathane, Wolman Care and more- have set industry standards for quality and are evidence of the company's ongoing commitment to innovation.

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Der kleine Engel said...

I just came across your blog and I love it!
I want to give my apartment a fresh color in the nearest future - but as always never really know where to start.

Here I know I will find answers to my questions and look forward coming back :)