Saturday, January 12, 2008

Modern Masters Metallic Paint

MODERN MASTERS METALLIC PAINT COLLECTION is an elegant alternative to ordinary latex paint. Unlike other metallic paint, Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection paints apply easily—like traditional latex paint. The Metallic Paint Collection color palette is available in forty colors, from basic non-tarnishing metallic colors—silvers, golds, coppers, and bronzes—to a complete range of designer colors—rich blues, luxurious greens, warm reds, deep browns, and cool greys. All forty colors can be applied by brush, roller, or HVLP spray gun.

  • Metallic finish

  • One-part modified acrylic polymer

  • Water-based products

  • Low VOC and non-toxic

  • Forty color designer palette

  • Metallic Paint Roller

  • Extender for Rolling

  • Master Clear interior/exterior

  • clear urethane/acrylic topcoats
  • Elegant, shimmering surfaces

  • Ease of use—like traditional latex paints

  • Low-odor, with the ease of water clean up

  • Safer for people and the environment

  • In-stock colors for every need

  • Properly oriented metallic paint particles when applied to large surfaces

  • Ease of roller application

  • Easily cleaned, washable, and UV protected surfaces-indoors and outdoors with a choice of semigloss or satin finishes

1-.Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection:
Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection paints combine real metallic particles, mica, and traditional pigments to create the forty-color palette of beautiful, shimmering colors. This unique approach enables the creation of non-fading colors never before available. Metallic Paint Collection products are water-based and non-hazardous. They contain no lead, mercury, or other toxic ingredients. The absence of harmful solvents makes Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection paints easy and safe to use.

2-.Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection Extender for Rolling:
Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection Extender for Rolling (ME651) allows the Metallic Paint Collection paints to be properly applied by the special Metallic Paint Collection Roller (ME652). The Metallic Paint Collection Extender for Rolling, when added to Metallic Paint Collection paints, extends the open time or ‘wet-edge’ of the paint. This added open time helps allow the paint to be applied without seams, and allows for ‘back-rolling’ as a last step to properly orient the metallic particles.

3-.Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection Roller:
Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection Roller (ME652) is especially designed for the application of the Metallic Paint Collection paints. Extensive research and testing gave rise to the Metallic Paint Collection Roller to enable the painter to create the proper finish when applying the Metallic Paint Collection to large surfaces. The Metallic Paint Collection Roller’s unique, high-quality, European fabric and beveled ends work to create the ideal uniform finish. The glue-free construction allows the Metallic Paint Collection Roller to last up to 10 times longer than conventional rollers, and makes it easy to clean. The standard nine-inch construction fits regular U.S. roller frames.

4-.Modern Masters Master Clear Protective Clear Topcoats:
Modern Masters Master Clear interior/exterior topcoat, available in semigloss (ME662) or satin (ME664) sheen levels, is a translucent water-based liquid dispersion formulated with a self-cross linking (no activator needed) aliphatic (non-yellowing) polyurethane-acrylic co polymer. Master Clear is formulated with UV absorbers and inhibitors, mar and slip aids, wetting and rheology modifying agents to create the best possible protection for Metallic Paint Collection paints. Master Clear is especially formulated as a non-yellowing topcoat for Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection paints to help protect and preserve the color and shimmer of the metallic paints when applied to either interior or exterior surfaces. The aliphatic nature of the polyurethane-acrylic co polymer when combined with the UV absorbers and inhibitors provides the highest resistance possible to damaging ultra-violet radiation. The inherent high abrasion resistance of the aliphatic polyurethane-acrylic co polymer also extends the service life of Master Clear.

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