Friday, November 30, 2007

Selecting the Right Type of Paint

Many factors determine the type of paint that you should use on any given paint job, including the nature of the surface you want to paint and its condition, the age of the surface, and the type of the paint previously used on the surface, if any.
Virtually all the paints that you might use around the home fall into two categories: water-based latex paints; and solvent-based paints, which are commonly referred to as oil-based paints or "alkyds." These names refer to one of the major differences between the two types of coatings- most of the liquid portion of the latex paints is water, while the liquid in oil-based paints consists of the petroleum distillates and other organic solvents.
About 75% of all paint that is sold today is of latex variety. Do-it-yourself use an even higher percentage of this type of paint for both exterior and interior projects. But you should take for nothing for granted when painting your home. You must consider the nature of your particular job to decide which type of paint is the best for your application.

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Resource from A Step-by-Step Guide How to Paint. Paint & Decorating Retailers Association.

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